Office of the Vice President

The administration of Texas A&M University at Galveston, under the leadership of Rear Admiral Robert Smith III, USN (Ret.), is comprised of the following:

  • All academic units, research, diversity, and IT report to the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Chief Academic Officer.

  • Six administrative units including student affairs, administration and auxiliary services, marketing/communications, marine education support and safety operations, Texas A&M Maritime Academy as well as finance, report to the Vice President.

  • Operations (human resources, campus police, bookstore operations as well as oversight of outsourced dining and facility services) report to the Associate Vice President for Administration and Auxiliary Services.

Executive Staff

The executive staff are made up of those Texas A&M administrators and faculty who report to the Vice President.

Councils & Committees

To aid and assist the Vice President are a number of councils and committees whose charge or responsibility is to provide the Vice President and members of the executive staff with advice, feedback and insight on a wide range of issues and topics that affect the campus community.