The university remains open to faculty, staff and students. However, in our effort to implement the best social distancing protocols to prevent community spread of COVID-19, the Office of Academic Affairs will follow the recommendation of HR to maximize employee telecommuting or working from home, where feasible. Until further notice, the leadership of Academic Affairs will ensure coverage of job functions exclusively through remote means. Please check with unit leads to find out what their relative plan is. For information on the campus response to COVID-19, please consult our central response page.

Academic Affairs

Patrick Louchouarn

Dr. Patrick Louchouarn

Executive Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs,
Chief Academic Officer (TAMUG) and Associate Provost (TAMU)

(409) 740-4409
(409) 740-4710

Executive Assistant III
Cari Bishop Smith
(409) 740-4403

Research and Graduate Studies

Dr. Antonietta Quigg

Dr. Antonietta S. Quigg

Senior Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies (TAMUG)
(409) 740-4990

Administrative Coordinator I –
Therese Skrzyniarz
(409) 740-4479

Academic Operations

Dr. Donna Lang

Dr. Donna Lang

Associate Vice President for Academic Operations (TAMUG)
(409) 740-4419

Senior Administrative Coordinator –
Meredith Uher Zalesak
(409) 741-4354

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