Texas A&M University at Galveston (TAMUG) is the ocean-oriented branch campus of Texas A&M University offering numerous opportunities in Research and Graduate Studies.

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TAMUG Campus:

Research Welcome    

With more than 100 active research projects encompassing the areas of marine sciences, marine/maritime engineering, maritime administration, law, policy and management, Texas A&M University at Galveston is the largest ocean-oriented campus in the United States.  Located near the Gulf of Mexico, Texas A&M Galveston its surrounded by unique ecosystems, important industries and an active economic market in tourism, oil and gas and transportation, providing immense opportunities for interdisciplinary research.  Our internationally known faculty also conduct research worldwide in areas such as the Artic, the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and countries such as Russia, New Zealand, Brazil, the Netherlands, Israel, Sweden, Italy, Japan, South Korea and China.

Research Resources    


Start your research career and learn about the possibilities of hands-on applications towards solving ocean-centered “real world” problems.

 Visit the Undergraduate Research Site


The University offers a wide range of resources to help you succeed in your research endevours and apply them to real world problems.

 Visit the Graduate Research Site


The Research and Graduate Studies Office supports faculty in proposal creation and project management with diverse tools and resources. 

 Visit the The Research and Graduate Studies Office Site

Outreach Toolbox    

The Outreach Toolbox is an overview of some programs, campus organizations and affiliates, and community partners that could be used in grant writing to fulfill  the outreach, broader impacts, and workforce development requirements. It is intended to be used to jumpstart thought processes not as the complete list. Research Operations will gladly set a meeting with researchers or partners to discuss all outreach opportunities. Email Dr. Diego Gil at or Therese Skrzyniarz at to set a time.

Research Faculty    

With more than 140 faculty, Texas A&M University at Galveston has active research initiatives in areas of marine  sciences, marine administration, marine/maritime engineering and marine transportation.

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Research Development    

Texas Institute of Oceanography 


Provide the research and technology base for the development of marine-related businesses in the State of Texas and the Gulf of Mexico.

Visit the TIO Website

TAMUG Comprehensive Research Funds


Funds provided by the Texas Legislature to TAMUG to increase research capacity and should be considered to be a departmental/campus resource.

 Visit the TCRF Website

Research Advisory Council 


Advises the Associate Vice President on the development of the TAMUG research program, allocation of resources and development of research plans.

Visit the RAC Website

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Research Symposium    

Texas A&M University at Galveston (TAMUG) presents its 16th Annual Student Research Symposium on April 21-22, 2020. This year we will be doing a Virtual Symposium! The Symposium is open to all TAMUG students with lightning talks and posters sessions for both undergraduate and graduate students. Participants are encouraged to present results from their current research projects, even if it is preliminary research as these presentations provide the student researcher the opportunity to discuss their research with other participants and faculty.  In addition, the Symposium provides a venue for the exposure of student research to the broader TAMUG community. 

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Contact Us      

Diego L. Gil-Agudelo
Director of Research Operations
+1 (409) 740-4941

Main Building #3034, Suite 409

Patty Gonzales
Business Coordinator III
+1 (409) 740-4748

Main Building #3034, Suite 409

Therese Skrzyniarz
Administrative Coordinator I
+1 (409) 740-4479
Main Building #3034, Suite 409

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