Giving Home

Texas A&M University at Galveston relies on the generosity of private donors and corporate sponsors to support the many vital programs and activities of our campus.

The reality is that public universities are state-assisted and must depend on external resources to offer the best education possible. The concept of "state funded" higher education no longer exists.

Enrollment is at an all time high. New buildings and renovations are underway, and we are standing at an important crossroad in the history of our campus. The best institutions in higher education are those who have benefited from the private support of individuals, corporations and foundations to make the leap to greatness.

We have a comprehensive program of giving opportunities for former students and friends of Texas A&M University at Galveston. From scholarships and research endowments to capital support and student development support, there are endless ways in which your contribution can enrich the lives of our students.

We invite you to join our efforts by providing the University with the resources needed to move into the new century as an educational leader in the marine and maritime industries.