Admission to Texas A&M Galveston Campus


A student without college credit or earned college credit prior to high school graduation. Learn More.


A student who has earned college credit since graduating from high school and does not have a bachelors degree. Learn More.



International and domestic students working toward a master's or doctoral degree.  Will have or has earned a bachelor’s degree. Learn More.


Students who require a visa to study in the United States. Learn More.

Texas A&M Maritime Academy

The Texas A&M Maritime Academy is an integral part of Texas A&M University at Galveston. The Regiment of Midshipmen consists of four different groups of students... Learn More.

Re-Admission Applicants

Former students who have resigned, been dropped from the rolls, or have not attended TAMUG or TAMU for at least one full semester...
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Post Baccalaureate

Students who have previously earned a Bachelors degree but wish to pursue a second Bachelors in a new area of study. Learn More.

Non Degree Seeking Students

Admission is intended for applicants with a high school diploma (with the exception of high school concurrent enrollment participants) or for degree applicants who do not intend to pursue a baccalaureate degree at Texas A&M.
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