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We do more than merely proofread; we teach you strategies & techniques to improve your writing for academic growth, career success, and lifelong learning.

What We Do    

We believe writing is a valuable life-long skill and strive to help undergraduate and graduate students in all disciplines become more effective, more confident writers.  

Tutorial Overview: Tutorials consist of a brief conversation about how the paper was written and as review of what the student wants to focus on. We encourage students to shape the direction of the tutorial through our questions. Sometimes we ask students to read their work out loud; other times, a consultant will model editing and proofreading strategies that the student can try on her own later in the paper. This means we often do not get through an entire paper in a session but expect the students to complete the work on their own, using what they learned in their session.


Hiring Writing Consultants


Students can utilize the center during any stage of the writing life-cycle, research, organizing/brainstorming, first review for revision, second review for editing, grammar and formatting, citations and references, and writing presentations, and for any written or verbal project. We'll teach you strategies and techniques to improve your writing for the long term. Schedule your appointment in TutorTrac, or drop by the Library Public Services Desk or Room 107A.

  • Undergraduate Students: Our trained tutors can help you with grammar, punctuation, citation styles, personal statements, & more.
  • Graduate Students: Our graduate tutors help master's & Ph.D. candidates with course papers, publications, theses, or dissertations.

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Supporting writers at all levels involves helping them become aware of their writing process and modeling how to take responsibility for it.

Faculty and Course Support: We can meet one-on-one with faculty to help them think about how to address writing in their classrooms. We can also work with them on writing assignments or help them talk through approaches for working with students who have writing issues.

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How We Help

Writers develop their habits—good and bad—over a period of time. Any change in writing requires practice; the more students write, the more changes you'll see in their writing. Learning Consultants model editing and proofreading strategies that students can try on her own later in the paper with the expectations that the students will complete the work on their own, using what they learned in their session.

Because we don't correct or proofread student papers, student papers may still have errors. Some students might need multiple appointments over the course of a semester. The degree of improvement depends on students' individual needs and the time they're able to put into their writing.

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Email: learningcommons@tamug.edu

Location: Library Room 107A (BLDG 3010)