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We strive to increase awareness of campus resources, foster community formation and student belonging, develop skills to build and reach personal and academic goals, contribute to a diverse and inclusive climate, and build major commitment and marketable skills. We support high impact learning opportunities by integrating students’ holistic academic careers into a purposeful academic journey. Vital aspects of this effort include fostering development through academic communities, coaching navigation skills and learning behaviors for an ever-evolving learning environment, and providing individualized student solutions.

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Locations & Contact

CALS programs and staff are available across two locations on campus, so you are never far from support! You can find us at:

>> E-mail us at

Jack K. Williams Library

Building 3010
(409) 740-4560
Standard Hours (check here for any changes): 
Monday-Thursday: 7 am-11 am
Friday: 7 am-10 pm
Saturday: 10 am-8 pm
Sunday: 10 am-3 am

Seibel Learning Center suite

MAIN second floor
(409) 741-4343
Monday - Friday: 8am-5pm

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Schedule Appointments

All CALS services are scheduled via Navigate. You can utilize the resources below to schedule Advising, Coaching, Course Support, Guided Group Study, Peer Mentorship, Writing Support, The Studio, and more!

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AskAgs Help Desk

General drop-in assistance is available to you via Zoom at the AskAgs Help Desk! We can assist you in finding information and connecting to resources across campus. If you do not have Zoom capabilities, you can call into the virtual help desk at 877.853.5247 with meeting ID 645-791-400.

Standard Hours:
Monday - Friday: 9am-5pm

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Programs and Services    

Academic Advising

We serve as the source of academic advising for all first year students. Our goal is to give students the tools and guidance to take ownership of their education and drive towards their goals. We additionally support all students in the General Academics program, which aids students in transition between majors. For additional assistance, you can e-mail us at

Academic Coaching

The Academic Coaching program is an amazing resource for students who could benefit from additional support in developing critical academic skills. With elements including goal setting, time management, study skills, and strengths development, our professional academic coaches assist each participant in building the skills that will benefit them. For additional assistance, e-mail us at

Content Support

Course Support (tutoring) is for students who are working to be the best in their field, reach for a higher GPA, and better understand course concepts. Peer Learning Consultants offer 30 minute sessions throughout the week for students to reserve as needed to ask specific questions about difficult course concepts and/or assigned homework problems. Sessions are available in 1-On-1 and Small Group formats to student learning. Guided Group Study provides interactive group study sessions that have been designed by our Supplemental Instructors to reinforce course content in a fun and relaxed environment. These sessions provide the opportunity to meet other students in your class and form your own study group.

Learning Communities

Developing an academic community is critical component of success. CALS supports the formation of learning communities in several ways to ensure that every student on campus develops the connections they need. Through the Hullabaloo U program, every first term student participates in a first year experience course that supports their academic and social transition. The F1RST Program serves first generation students, aiding them in the transition to the university by offering research-based, multilevel support to address their unique challenges. The Galveston Gateway Program helps incoming students become fully prepared for their academic program. Students admitted to the Galveston Gateway program come to campus for the Summer II term and complete preparatory coursework before fully entering the University.

Writing and Multi-Media Support

Communication is one of the most critical skills a student must develop, regardless of field of study. CALS has an array of resources to help every person on campus develop the communication skills they need across written, verbal, and multi-media realms. In the Writing Lab, we do more than merely proofread; we teach you strategies & techniques to improve your writing for academic growth, career success, and lifelong learning. The Studio offers an exploratory space for visual and oral communication with student-led support in 1-on-1 sessions, in-class presentations, and workshops for presentation practice, video production, audio recording targeting communication and presentation needs for all students, staff, and faculty. Information Literacy is a set of abilities that require individuals to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate and use effectively the needed information.


CALS Staff    

Holly Abel

Holly Abel

Academic Advisor I  | 
Academic Advising and Coaching 

Laurissa Noack

Laurissa Noack

Assistant Director  | 
Course Support & Guided Group Study


Brandon Chapman

Brandon Chapman

Program Manager  | 
Hullaballoo U

Lisa Stewart

Lisa Stewart



Krista McBrien

Krista McBrien

Program Manager  |  Academic Coaching & F1RST Program 

Amanda Yanas

Amanda Yanas

Academic Advisor II  |  Academic Advising, Testing, & Compliance