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With a strong emphasis on critical thinking, writing, and reading, the Department of Liberal Studies is dedicated to preparing the next leaders of a globalized world.

Internships & Job Opportunities    

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Apart from the jobs found throughout campus, the Department of Liberal Studies offers numerous and regular opportunities for internships and jobs.  Countless internship and employment positions, both on campus and around the country, are up for grabs to qualified candidates.  As part of the ongoing mission to see our students become the leaders of tomorrow, our faculty and staff are on hand to offer support and guidance.

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Research Opportunities    

Learn from the Best

Texas A&M University at Galveston is home to some of the most relevant and exciting research in the country.  In the Department of Liberal Studies, there are numerous opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in the Undergraduate Research Scholars program, which fosters a collaborative environment for undergraduate students to learn how to conduct next-level research with the guidance of a faculty advisor.  These projects are then entered into the TAMUG Research Symposium, held on campus every spring.

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Study Abroad    

Travel the World

As great as Galveston is, the world is full of wonderful places and people.  Due to the nature of the relationship between humans and the ocean, maritime studies is relevant nearly everywhere.  With courses frequently offered around the globe, students will enjoy new cultures and expanded horizons.  This program is one of the highlights of the undergraduate experience, with students making life-long friends in breathtaking environments.

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Student Services    

Whatever your needs are as a Marine Biology student, we’ve got you covered.

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