Tips for Students on Assistantship    

When will I get paid?
Students are paid after the first payment period. Teaching and research assistants are paid monthly and non-teaching assistants are paid biweekly.
Do I have to fill out a timesheet as a graduate assistant?

Only non-teaching assistants must fill out timesheets.  Please work with your direct supervisor for timesheet due dates.

I am on an assistantship, and I think there is a mistake on my bill as I see no waivers or payments. Is this correct?

All students regardless of employment will receive a full bill based on their status.  Then close to the add/drop date, waivers and payments will be placed on the student’s bill if applicable and on an assistantship.

When do waivers and tuition payments get put on my bill?
Waivers and payments typically get put on the student bill close to the add/drop deadline.
I was waiting for my waiver to be put on my account before paying. I see that I have a late fee. What can I do?
Please contact the Graduate Studies Office. If you paid your portion of the bill before the payment due date, we will work with Student Business Services to remove the late fee.

Tips for Students Receiving Financial Aid    

Some of my courses are not counting toward financial aid. What can I do? 

Please set up an appointment with our office.  These courses may not be counting due to a missing degree plan, the courses were not put on the degree plan, or other related issues.