Graduate Ambassadors    

The Graduate Ambassador program was started in 2014 to have current graduate students on the Texas A&M University at Galveston campus involved with the Graduate Studies Office. The Ambassadors program has been a great success. Our students have helped to plan several campus events with the Research and Graduate Studies Office. They volunteer to lead campus tours for prospective students, participate in panel discussions with undergraduates, represent the Graduate Studies Office at the Texas A&M Galveston Career Fair, and much more.

They are an invaluable resource to our office and a fantastic group of students to represent their peers. The Ambassadors represent the graduate students in each of our programs on the Texas A&M Galveston campus, including our students pursuing degrees from College Station’s campus.

Please feel free to email if you have questions for our Graduate Ambassadors about the graduate school experience or Texas A&M University Galveston.

Who We Are    

Brooke Torjman, Ph.D. student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

 image of Brooke Torjman

Hometown: Southampton, PA
Alma Mater: Muhlenberg College
Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Why Did You Choose Texas A&M for graduate school?: I chose A&M for graduate school because of how well I connected with my advisor, Dr. Anna Armitage. I knew I could answer my questions and complete research in a place that is in such close proximity to my field sites.

Aurora Gaona Hernandez, Ph.D. student in Marine Biology

Aurora Gaona Hernandez

Hometown: Mexico City, MX
Alma Mater: UNAM / CICESE
Major: Marine Biology
Why Did You Choose A&M for graduate school?: Some years ago, my master's advisor encouraged me to contact some faculty of Texas A&M at Galveston due to their well-known and impressive research in marine sciences. Later, I received the opportunity to visit the campus to meet the faculty, staff, and students. During this experience, I was shocked by the cultural and academic differences between my hometown and the USA. And realized how important the international collaborations are needed for the world. Due that I decided to pursue my Ph.D. abroad. My principal goal here is to growth in different inter-and intrapersonal levels which encourage my academic, cultural, and personal development. I truly believe Texas A&M could be the place to do that and give me and others the lifetime experience we're looking for!

Emily Meese, Ph.D. student in Marine Biology

image of Emily Meese

Hometown: Auburn, CA
Alma Mater:  California State University Long Beach
Major: Marine Biology
Why Did You Choose A&M for graduate school?: I chose A&M for my Ph.D. after meeting with Dr. Wells and enjoying how he supports his graduate students. A&M also has many accessible resources for their students which makes it possible to conduct high quality research. Lastly, the graduate community at A&M is incredibly welcoming and collaborative which provides students a strong support system for grad school.

Madelyn Rupp, Ph.D. student in Marine Biology

 picture of Madelyn Rupp

Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Alma Mater:  SUNY Geneseo
Major: Marine Biology
Why Did You Choose A&M for graduate school?: I’m a PhD student in the Marine Biology department, and chose TAMUG because of the current and future research in my advisor’s lab.

Asif Mortuza, Ph.D. student in Marine Biology

Asif Mortuza

Hometown: Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Alma Mater:  Purdue University
Major: Marine Biology
Why Did You Choose A&M for graduate school?: After completing my Masters in Biology, I was looking for the next research and career-building opportunity. I came across Dr. Hala, who was gearing up to conduct his research on microplastics, associated chemicals, and their effects on local Marine organisms. After looking further into the Galveston Campus, it seemed like a dream come true. Doing research on a topic that is highly relevant to our time, ocean pollution, and that too on an island with access to such resources, drew me to A&M for grad school.

Virginia Greb, Ph.D. student in Marine and Coastal Management and Science

Virginia Greb

Hometown: Galveston, TX
Alma Mater:  University of North Texas
Major: Marine and Coastal Management and Science
Why Did You Choose A&M for graduate school?: After completing the aquarist internship offered at the Heal the Bay Aquarium in Santa Monica, CA, and working with their Science, Outreach, & Policy team researching water quality trends for the Heal the Bay Report Card, I decided to change my focus to coastal resilience and pursue the Marine Resource Management (MARM) master's degree at TAMUG. As a BOI (born on the island), I have an affinity for Galveston beaches and hope to bring the skills attained at Heal the Bay to Galveston. My research focus is to create a Galveston BEACH (Beaches, Economic Activity, and Community Health) Report Card to protect public use and enjoyment of the coastal zone and help guide state and local decision-makers in pursuing policies and projects that benefit the coastal economy and environment while also safeguarding community health.