Graduate Student Services    

We are committed to helping our graduate students be successful throughout their graduate school experience. We offer a wide range of programs and resources to help you succeed in graduate school. We welcome any comments, suggestions, or questions at gradstudies@tamug.eduGrad School is hard, we’re here to help.

Graduate Events and Workshops

We facilitate many workshops, events, and advising services for our graduate students throughout the year. Below is a sample of some of these events:

  • New Graduate Student Orientation
  • Teaching Assistant Institute (TAI)
  • Graduate Student Advising
  • Graduation Meetings
  • Office of Graduate and Professional Studies Visits
  • Thesis and Dissertation Services Visits
  • International Student Services Office Visits
  • Ombudsperson Services
  • Graduate Student Appreciation Week Events
  • HOWDY Lunch
  • Annual International Student Luncheon
  • Women’s History Month Events
  • Texas A&M Galveston Student Research Symposium

To make these events successful, we partner with other offices on campus to bring programming and resources to our graduate students. Some of these offices include: