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The mission of the Seibel Learning Center (formerly Academic Enhancement) is to contribute to the academic success of all undergraduate students at Texas A&M University at Galveston, by providing them the information and support needed to become skillful, self-directed learners. We aim to guide students through the integration of curricular, co-curricular, and personal choices into a purposeful academic journey. Vital aspects of this effort are educating students on how to navigate an ever-evolving learning environment, coaching students on effective learning behaviors, connecting students to high impact opportunities, and providing individualized solutions to ease student transitions.

What We Do    

The Seibel Learning Center (SLC; formerly Academic Enhancement) believes in the empowerment of life-long learners. All SLC programs and resources are built intentionally in collaboration with students and the greater campus to foster shared accountability for student self-efficacy.

Academic Advising

The Seibel Learning Center serves as the source of academic advising for first year students and those in the General Academics major. Our goal in advising is not to merely help students to register for classes. Rather, we strive to give students the tools and guidance to really take ownership of their education and drive towards their goals.

Academic Coaching and Success Program

The Academic Coaching program is an amazing resource for students who could benefit from additional support in developing critical academic skills. With elements including goal setting, time management, study skills, and strengths development, our professional academic coaches assist each participant in building the skills that will benefit them.

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Academic Compliance and Testing

The SLC manages a variety of academic compliance and testing that students might need to engage with. Among these are the Math Placement Exam, which all incoming students are required to take. Any incoming student who is not TSI exempt must also complete the TSI assessment(s). Learn more about these and other assessments below.

F1RST Program

The mission of the F1RST Program is to serve Texas resident, First Generation, incoming freshman students in the transition to the university by offering research-based, multilevel support to address their unique challenges.

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Galveston Gateway

The Galveston Gateway Program helps incoming students become fully prepared for their academic program. Students admitted to the Galveston Gateway program come to campus for the Summer II term and complete preparatory coursework before fully entering the University.

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General Academics Major

The General Academics major serves as a stepping stone for students who hope to move into a new program of study. Continuing students can apply to enter the General Academics major for up to two terms while they complete requirements to move into their major of choice.

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Twelfth Man Impact Scholars Program

This exciting new program launching in Fall 2018 will encourage and facilitate students engaging in high impact learning opportunities. Participants will be able to track their involvement in such activities throughout their academic career, and those students with the most outstanding participation will be honored at commencement. Be sure to check back in the near future for additional details on this program.

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Phone: (409) 741-4343
Fax: (409) 741-4344

Location: MAIN Building (Bldg. 3034)
2nd Floor, Office Suite 206

Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00AM - 5:00PM

Who We Are    


Lisa Stewart, MSEd
Associate Director
MAIN (3034) 207D

Barbara Dover
Academic Advisor III, Honors & Coaching
MAIN (3034) 210A

Amanda Yanas
Academic Advisor II,
Academic Compliance
MAIN (3034) 210C

Krista McBrien, MA
Program Coordinator I - GACD, Coaching, High Impact Scholars
MAIN (3034) 207A

Laura Toungate
Academic Advisor I,
Academic Coach
MAIN (3034) 210B

Brandon Chapman, M.A.
Program Manager
MAIN (3034) 207C