General Academics Major Program

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This major serves as a stepping stone for students hoping to move into a new program of study. Continuing students can apply to enter for up to two terms while they complete requirements to move into their major of choice.

Program Overview

The General Academics major (like College Station’s General Studies major) is designed to accommodate students needing one or two semesters to complete course work necessary for entrance into a specific major course of study. It is very important to determine and declare your desired major as soon as possible. Each student’s designated major must be approved each GACD semester as being realistically within reach given your academic history and the limit of majoring in GACD for no more than two semesters.

Admissions Requirements
  1. Acceptance into General Academics (GACD) will be dependent on the student’s ability to meet the minimum requirements to enter into the intended major (including prerequisite courses and GPA) in one semester.

  2. Freshmen in their second semester, Sophomores, and Juniors on a case-by-case basis can be admitted into GACD for one semester.

  3. An extension of one additional semester will be considered on a case-by-case basis if the student shows progress toward meeting the requirements and can complete the requirements in one additional semester.

  4. Students will not be allowed to participate in a licensing program and enroll in STCW courses while in GACD.

  5. After the application has been reviewed, an Academic Advisor from Seibel Learning Center (SLC) will contact students using their university email regarding entry into GACD.

Application Process

Students hoping to change into the General Academics major must complete the ‘General Academics Change of Major Application’. This application is available online.

Please note the following dates:

  • The General Academics online application will open on the 13th class day of each semester, for students to apply for entry the following term.
  • The application portal will close during the pre-registration period of each semester
  • The application will reopen after final grades have posted for the semester
  • The application will close one week prior to the start of the semester

Once a student has submitted their initial application, students will be notified of additional steps or information required. Any student applying will be required to talk to an advisor within their intended major and complete a form stating what requirements they must complete to move into that major after one to two terms.

Admissions Review Process

Once a student’s application and supporting documentation has been received, a committee within the SLC will fully review the student and determine their eligibility to enter the major per the application requirements listed above. If a student is mathematically incapable of meeting the entry requirements for their intended major, or is ineligible to enter it for any reason, they may select an alternative intended major prior to January 13th, 2018, and be re-reviewed. For extreme extenuating circumstances, exceptions to deadlines and requirements may be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Additional Major Requirements

Any student entering the General Academics major due to academic suspension, and others as deemed appropriate, will be required to participate in the Academic Coaching program as part of their terms for entry to major.

All students in the General Academics major will be expected to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Program meeting during the first four class days of the semester
  • Attend two workshops
  • Meet with an academic advisor within the SLC

Failure to fully complete the set terms of the major will result in:

  • For students who fail to gain entry into a new major after one term, continuation in the General Academics major will be denied
  • For students applying to change curriculum into a new major, their failure to meet terms will be reported to the intended major; the weight of this in admissions decisions will be determined by the academic department

Please note that any student suspended from their major and/or denied entry to an alternate major as well as being denied entry into GACD is not guaranteed continued enrollment at the University.

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