Math Placement Exam    

The Math Placement Exam is a Texas A&M University College Station required examination used to assess a student's math skill level. This is an important tool to help your advisor determine which mathematics course you are ready to take. Students will be directed to take one of the two MPE exams based upon their major.

All students must take the math placement exam BEFORE attending their New Student Conference. Science and engineering majors will have an online, proctored MPE exam. Other TAMUG majors can take the MPE without a proctor present.

 It is essential that you do not use a calculator on this exam and follow the Aggie Code of Honor.

An Aggie does not lie, cheat or steal or tolerate those who do.

MPE Information by Major

Please click on the following title links for further MPE information

TAMUG Science Majors

  • Marine Engineering Technology
  • Marine Biology
  • Marine Fisheries
  • Marine Sciences
  • Coastal Environmental Science and Society
  • USGA: Oceans & One Health

Other TAMUG Majors

  • Marine Transportation
  • Maritime Business Administration
  • Maritime Studies
  • USGA: Marine Environmental Law & Policy
  • USGA: Tourism & Coastal Community Development

ENGE Majors

  • Engineering at Galveston

Students who applied and were accepted to the College of Engineering in College Station, and will be completing their first year requirements at the Galveston campus.