Reserving a Room

Effective Fall 2016, room reservations will be scheduled via TutorTrac.

Several areas of the Library are available for scheduling for library-related activities, and also for activities that are University-wide in scope. Those areas and their policies are:

Large Group Study (Room 126)

Available for scheduling by TAMUG-associated groups. Maximum seating capacity is 24 people. Refreshments may be served in this room for official University functions. For staff and student clubs scheduling requests are made through TutorTrac. This room is not part of regular classroom scheduling although it is equipped with 24 laptops, a teaching computer, DVD player and LCD Projector. The room has wireless Internet access and wired network access for the computer installed in the room. Special seating configurations must be requested through the campus Physical Plant Department by submitting a School Dude request or by calling the Physical Plant scheduler at 740-4547. It is the user’s responsibility to assure the room is returned to its original configuration after its use.

Conference/TTVN room (Room 113)

Full TTVN capability, and boardroom seating capacity for 14 persons. Preference in scheduling is for TTVN conferences. It is available Monday to Friday, 7 a.m to 10 p.m. It is equipped with a computer, DVD and LCD Projector. If you wish to use this room without the TTVN capabilities please schedule through TutorTrac. If you wish to use the TTVN capabilities please schedule through your campus TTVN coordinators.

Group Study Room 115 (glassed-in group study room).

This room may be reserved by staff, student clubs and students wishing to reserve it for group study. Seating for 10 is available at the table but the room will hold up to 15 comfortably. If you are staff or a student group you may reserve it through TutorTrac. If you are students wishing to use it for group study call the Front Desk at 409.740.4560 to make your reservation. You must have a group of 3 or more students and reservations will only be taken for that day. If a group does not occupy the room within ten minutes after the hour the room is open to other groups wishing to use it.

Group Study Rooms (118, 119, 120).

These rooms are available only to groups of three or more people and may be reserved via TutorTrac. Special projects (including use for viewing archives and visiting administrative groups) may require the reservation of these rooms, in which case the schedule will be posted on the door.

Learning Resource Center

Personal computer use in this room is reserved for TAMUG students on a first-come, first-served basis. This room is not normally scheduled for classes or events. Special scheduling requests should be addressed to the Computing and Information Services Department at extension 4714.