Course Reserves Help    

If you have any questions about putting materials on Reserve contact Mary Ellen Vedas ( or call 409.740.4570

To put materials on Reserve please fill out our Reserves Request Form. 

For large classes where more than one copy of a title is needed, a limited number of paper copies may be made available consistent with fair use and copyright provisions.

To allow sufficient time for acquiring and processing materials:

  • Please submit the reserves list for each course at least 2 weeks before the start of the term.
  • Once classes have begun, please allow at least 2 business days for processing new/additional course reserve requests.

When placing items on reserve:

  • Include the full bibliographic citation for published works
  • The loan period for each item is 2-hours
  • Identify items in the same manner as in your syllabus
  • Paper copies submitted for scanning into an electronic format:
    • should be on 8.5" x 11" paper
    • contain no holes or staples
    • have at least a one half inch margin on all 4 sides

The following materials may be placed on Reserve:

  • TAMU library books
  • Personal copies of books (supplied by instructors)
  • Solutions, handbooks, lecture notes, class readings, etc. (supplied by instructors)
  • Exams/quizzes from previous semesters (supplied by instructors)
  • Course syllabi
  • Lab materials

Want to know what's on Reserve? Check the Library Catalog at ClipperCat's Reserves

To place materials on Reserve please fill out the RESERVES FORM

  • Bring a completed form and your materials to the Library Circulation Desk.  
  • If you have questions you can contact Mary Ellen Vedas at or 409.740.4570