Course Support & Guided Group Study    

Deeper understanding, extra practice at applied theory, and intellectual skill building combine to differentiate students who attend tutoring and those who don’t. Course support is student-led support for success in courses. Peer learning consultants guide learning while working through difficult course concepts and example problems in 1-On-1 and/or Small Group sessions. Students can attend scheduled sessions as needed throughout the semester, and should be prepared to bring specific questions and course materials. Guided Group Study provides large groups with interactive group study sessions that have been designed by our Supplemental Instructors to reinforce course content in a fun and relaxed environment. These sessions provide the opportunity to meet other students in your class and form your own study group.
Courses Supported
Courses Supported

Follow the link below to view the list of courses we currently aim to support. Please note that available support is contingent on staffing availability in any given term.

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Schedule a Session
Schedule a Session

All CALS services are scheduled via EAB Navigate.

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Program Goals
Program Goals

As a result of Course Support and Guided Group Study, we strive to provide these benefits to students: 

  • Offers more individualized, systematic, structured learning experience.
  • Provides greater congruence between teacher and learner, closer role model.
  • Improves academic performance and personal growth.
  • Improves attitude toward subject area.
  • Motivates self-paced and self-directed learning.
  • Provides intensive practice for students who need it.
  • Improves self esteem.

As a result of Course Support and Guided Group Study, we strive to provide these benefits to the institution: 

  • Increases opportunity to reinforce instruction.
  • Increases positive student interaction.
  • Enhances measurable positive changes in attitude towards teaching/learning for the participants.
  • Improves educational climate.
  • Aids in closing the achievement gap across all student populations.
Become a Tutor
Become a Tutor
All of our Course Support and Guided Group Study services are peer led, so we hire a wide array of student workers each year! If you are interested in working for CALS, please visit the We Hire Students page to get started.