Library Instruction

Access the central hub for all Library Instruction materials. Students can participate in asynchronous information literacy learning, student employees can access their training materials, and faculty or staff can learn more about sharing the library's instructional materials.

What We Teach    

The instructional initiative within the library is dedicated to advancing educational goals via scaffolded curriculum support. Information literacy instructional materials are designed to cultivate essential skills for information discovery, scholarly pursuits, and academic excellence. Developed in collaboration with faculty and students, library instruction empowers learners to effectively navigate, identify, evaluate, creat, and ethically utilize information.

Learn Anytime

Information Literacy is the ability to locate, evaluate, use, and organize information. TAMUG Librarians have designed a number of asynchronous sessions which allow students to learn about information literacy in a self-paced, online environment. From a brief orientation, to advanced research in the sciences, these lessons include video presentations, demonstrations, helpful tools, and learning assessments.

Student Employee Training

Marketable skills, also known as transferable skills, are qualities and abilities that transfer easily from one job to another. Developing these skills now will make for more effective student employees and more hireable candidates in future careers. While our library pilot program of these training materials was designed for front-desk workers, the lessons and teaching materials transfer seamlessly to any student employee position on campus. These modules may be taken by any students, or can be assigned by faculty or staff.

Faculty & Staff Collaboration    

We find that students in higher education have vastly variant bases of knowledge when it comes to information literacy and how to conduct academic research. If you want your students to excel in your courses and beyond, consider one of the many library instructional formats and options we offer. The Williams Library has designed information literacy and student employee instruction in a variety of formats. As a faculty or staff member, if you would like your students to access this instruction, there are several delivery methods available. See the following options below and choose which format and method is right for you and your students. If you don't see what you need, or if you require assistance in any way, feel free to contact us.

Syllabus Statement

If you plan to ask your students to watch instructional videos on this page, or complete our modules in our Library Instruction Canvas Community, we recommend including a link to this page and the following brief syllabus statement:

Information Literacy is the ability to locate, evaluate, use, and organize information. In order to succeed in college courses and beyond, students should take the time to become familiar with basic IL concepts and related skills. The Information Literacy modules created by the Jack K. Williams Library offer students the fundamentals needed to succeed in academic research and information interactions. Utilizing asynchronous design, the lessons include video presentations and corresponding quizzes or reflections which apply the concepts. 

Librarian in the Classroom

Do you want your students to learn in-person about research and writing? Invite a librarian your classroom! We work with students at all levels, including graduate students. We can cover anything from a library orientation session, to dissertation research. We can also familiarize your students with the tutoring services offered by the Center for Academic Learning Success, the Writing Lab, and the Studio, which are housed in the library facility. 

Request a Librarian in your Classroom

We have created customized workshop topics (such as MLA Internal Citation and Using the SIFT Method) for faculty, upon request. You can also select from our pre-designed Librarian in the Classroom sessions:

  • Introduction to Library Services (10 minutes)
  • Introduction to Research Strategies (15 minutes)
  • Types of Resources (20 minutes)
  • Advanced Searching Techniques (20 minutes)
  • Resource Evaluation (20 minutes)

Canvas Asynchronous Modules

We offer ready-to-import Canvas lessons covering our most frequently requested information literacy topics. By importing these resources directly into your courses, you can save class time and ensure that your students are critically engaging with information. All of the lessons detailed on this site as Asynchronous Learning and Student Worker Trainings are currently available as Canvas modules. They include additional learning elements, links to helpful tools, and knowledge check quizzes. You can download our drop-and-play modules via the Canvas Commons or by requesting a direct link from a librarian.

Library-Hosted Learning

If you would like to provide some of our instructional materials to your students, but you don't want to utilize Canvas integration in your own courses, you can refer students to our library-hosted learning modules available on our own Canvas community. Contact a librarian to have your students added to this community so they can access all instructional and assessment materials. Please note that due to the structure of the library-hosted community, any student responses to quizzes will be sent to TAMUG librarians, rather than to you as a professor or staff member. If you plan to require your students to complete lessons for class credit or extra credit, please contact the library in order to discuss a plan for monitoring student progress.