Research Consultants

Take your research assignments and efforts to the next level.

Research Consultants do more than help you locate materials; we demonstrate and teach advanced search skills that will serve you throughout your academic career and beyond.


Peer Research Consultants offer 45-minute appointments during which you will explore library resources and discover advanced searching techniques. You will describe your initial research topic and our consultants will walk you through the most relevant library databases or other online resources, and teach you how to make the most of various search filters and parameters. We can help find the articles and scholarly literature required for your assignments, refine your inquiry and approach, and keep your materials organized as you compile and synthesize your research.

Getting Started in Research

Don't know where to begin? Don't panic if you have an upcoming research assignment due that seems overwhelming. Just plan ahead, make an appointment, and our consultants will help you start down the path toward productivity.

Finding Research Resources

You might know by now that for the purposes of academic research, Google is not your best bet for finding the sort of serious scholarly materials that your professors expect. Our consultants can help guide you toward trustworthy and highly relevant resources.

Navigating Library Databases

If you're intimidated by the extent of TAMU databases available to you as a student, or you're wondering how to take best advantages of the search features within those databases, we can help. Research consultants can teach you how to select a database appropriate for your project, and how to navigate the many internal search options.

Organizing Research

Never lose track of a valuable article or other research material again. We can teach you how to stay organized, keep your resources focused, and help make your project the best it can be.


  • Access Navigate via the Howdy portal
  • Click to create a New Appointment and select TAMU Galveston Academic Learning Support
  • Under Service, select one of our available research topics
  • Provide the requested pre-appointment details when finalizing your appointment time


When you make your research consultation appointment via Navigate, you will be asked to provide details such as the course and/or assignment for which you are seeking help. The more detail you provide in advance of meeting with a consultant, the better our team will be able to prepare. In order to make the most of your appointed time, provide as much detail as possible. 

During your meeting, consultants will walk  you through the library databases, assist you in finding resources relevant to your topic, and help you evaluate the reliability of the information you find. This is where your pre-meeting provided details and concerns can be specifically addressed in a dedicated one-on-one setting. 

After your appointment, your consultant will send you a summary of the discussion, including links to any databases searched, specific articles of interest, and suggestions for next steps in your research project.