Student Employment    

Learning Consultants

Work with students to guide and teach concepts, theory, applications, and study skills about course work. We help students through one-on-one, small group, large group workshops, and Supplemental Instruction. Our student teams facilitate learning early, often and throughout the semester with:

  • research and discovery through databases and collections
  • tailored small group study sessions
  • exam prep reviews
  • targeted writing workshops
  • emphasizing revision and reflection of work
  • reinforcement of concepts

We focus hiring at the end of Fall and Spring terms and provide team, program, and personal professional development training for beginning work within the first two weeks of classes each term. We also hire throughout the semester for specific subjects as needed.

Great Job Experience

Our conference-style initial training, weekly program meetings, and monthly professional development provide our students with:

  • customer service
  • resume building & career management
  • communication & professionalism
  • active listening & critical thinking
  • leadership & teamwork

Student Positions

We hire for a variety of positions throughout the Learning Commons.
All job descriptions can be found in our APPLICATION.


  • Public Services Front Desk
  • Collection Services Consultants

One-on-One Tutors

  • Writing Consultants
  • Course Tutors
  • Video Consultants
  • Speech Consultants

Small Group Tutors

  • Course Tutors

Supplemental Instructors

Supplemental Instructors

How to Apply

Please submit your completed application to the Library Manager, Michael Sweeney, at the Library Public Service Desk. Only complete application packets will be considered. Printed copies of your unofficial university transcript, resume or CV, advisor signature, and graphic student schedule are required in the packet. Supervisors for identified programs will review your application and contact you for an interview. 

Starting Pay Rates

Library, Collections, & InterLibrary Loan: $7.25-8.00/hr

One-on-One Tutor: $8.00/hr

Small Group Tutor: $9.00/hr

Supplemental Instructors: $10.00/hr

Raises based on merit and offered for leadership

Current Openings, Pay Rates, and Start Dates are posted on the TAMUG On Campus Job Postings site as Student Coordinator Positions under the Library Hiring Department.

Eligibility for Learning Commons positions

  • Be enrolled at Texas A&M University at Galveston
  • Have at least one full year remaining at TAMUG
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above (exceptions made upon Faculty recommendation only)
  • Be free of University judicial sanctions
  • Fulfill University Rules, Regulations, and Procedures
  • Participate in program and Learning Commons events, trainings, and summits 
  • Complete additional duties as assigned

Available to

  • work in between scheduled classes
  • attend required training sessions and staff meetings
  • attend August and January orientation programs


  • a willingness to help others and learn
  • great interpersonal communication skills
  • computer/technology knowledge
  • professionalism