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The Studio encourages exploration and practice of video and presentation skills with student-led support engaging with our faculty’s visual and oral communication efforts.

What We Do    

The Studio offers an exploratory space for visual and oral communication with student-led support in 1-on-1 sessions, in-class presentations, and workshops for presentation practice, video production, audio recording targeting communication and presentation needs for all students, staff, and faculty. Services include equipment checkout, dedicated audio room, individual and group editing stations, lightboard, green screen, interview station, presentation station, lighting, audio mixing boards, and microphones. The Studio encourages discovery of visual mediums by hosting Adobe Creative Suite software along with additional audio, video, graphic, and story boarding software. Projects are supported by Video and Speech Consultants whom assist in the creation and use of media for students and faculty and development of public speaking skills.


Your voice and perspective are unique; so why not use all the tools available to you to craft your message for an assignment, research project, student organization, or creative production in a new way?

The Studio offers access to video recording equipment, an audio studio, editing hardware through PCs and laptops, and offers student-led support for both speech and presentation and video and post production efforts.

The Studio offers guidance for class and exploratory media creation:

  • presentation practice
  • film production
  • commercial creation
  • podcasting
  • video grant proposals
  • and any other creative or course related initiatives

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The HyperMedia Lab compliments your teaching efforts by supporting written, visual, and oral modes of communication. These tools can help you record a lecture, flip your class, upgrade your presentation tools and skills.

Multimedia assignments and class efforts encourage students to work in groups to construct and express their knowledge or solve problems using modern communication platforms. Through integrating multimedia activities into the classroom, students can learn:

  • real-world skills related to technology
  • the impact and importance of different media
  • the challenge of communicating to different audiences
  • how to present information in compelling ways
  • importance of research, planning,  and organizing skills
  • significance of presentation and speaking skills
  • how to express their ideas creatively

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Location: Library Room 107D
BLDG 3010
200 Seawolf Parkway
Galveston, TX 77554