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Living Learning Communities    

The Office of Residence Life works with TAMUG Faculty and Staff to implement Learning Communities (LCs) and Living Learning Communities (LLCs) to give students enriching academic experiences outside of the classroom. LCs and LLCs are designed to aid students in meeting their collegiate goals while enforcing the idea of community and personal connections among peers, Faculty, and Staff. LCs and LLCs have courses in which students enroll via HOWDY using the CLGV course code. CLGV courses do not carry tuition or course credit, but may carry a fee if the faculty host deems this to be necessary for field trips and guest speakers.

**Priority deadlines for most LCs and LLCs are late March/early April.  Apply today!**

Currently Offered LCs & LLCs:


Members of the A+ Living Learning Community are students committed to respect, learning & understanding for all students' identities.  Community engagement is a key factor of the LLC with guest speakers, movie nights, programs centered on inclusion & more.  This community offers gender inclusive housing options where students will be able to live in an environment in which they are most cmfortable, while providing a safe & inclusive experience for all community members.  Personal development & exploration is the purest goal of this program.  We seek to provide an environment where all students feel safe to live, learn & develop themselves.  If you are interested in exploring the Gender Inclusive A+ LLC, please submit your application; we will email you with further information.  Applications are accepted until housing assignments are made.  

Learn more about the A+ LLC here.  If you have questions regarding LGBTQ campus life or resources, please contact the Office of Student Diversity Initiatives through Mr. Danny Roe at

Engineering LLC

The Engineering Living Learning community provides engineering students with an enhanced learning experience, engineering academic support and gained insight into the field of engineering. Students will also have the opportunity to meet alumni in the field as well as having specialized study groups that are with those living in their community. With this collaboration, students will have peer interactions and focused learning experiences outside of the classroom that will support them in their future engineering career pathway. 

For questions, contact Alexander Chandler at

F1RST Program LLC
The F1RST Program provides first generation college students with specialized programming and mentorship to aid in academic and personal growth throughout your time on our campus. Students are reviewed for eligibility in this program during the admissions review process, and selected participants will be notified within their letter of University admissions. F1RST students build community through a specialized orientation program, a weekly LC course, a residence hall community, peer mentorship, and a variety of recreational opportunities.

Learn more about the F1RST Program here. For questions, contact us at
Galveston Gateway Program
Students placed in this living learning community participate in the unique opportunity to gain extra preparation for the following Fall Semester by taking specialized courses during the Summer II Term. During this time, Galveston Gateway students learn the necessary skills needed for successful matriculation in higher education and transition smoothly into the Fall Semester. Please note that students are placed in Galveston Gateway by the Admissions Office, as opposed to applying for it.

Learn more about the Galveston Gateway program here.  For questions, contact us at

Aggies are leaders. Members of the LEAD community enroll in leadership classes and learn how to apply their leadership skills to their field of study. Students who participate in this program become leaders in the campus community, work in clubs and organizations to help other students become leaders, and work toward the success of TAMUG's community service projects.

For questions, contact Carrie Rowland at

Pathways LC
The college journey is full of transitions, as students strive to become independent, educated adults. The process of leaving home and adjusting to a new phase of life can be challenging when you are facing it alone. This community is focused on building a sense of belonging through connections to peers and campus services. Participants will learn strategies for successfully navigating the transition to college, including the increased rigor of college coursework, managing one’s own schedule, and being strengths-focused. *Pathways does not have a common residential component at this time.

Click here to apply now! For questions, contact us at

WAVE members will work toward their certification as small vessel operators and gain the ability to handle, maintain, and repair small port vessels, dive boats, and fishing boats. While gaining professional experiences as a mariner, they discover what it means to be a member of a nautical crew.

Learn more about the WAVE program here. For questions, contact us at

Ready to Apply?

In order to apply, you must first be officially accepted to the university.  

There is a separate application for each LLC/LC, so if you are interested in multiple be sure to fill out each application.  If you are accepted to multiple LLCs, you must pick one.  

Please note that you must also fill out a housing application.

LLC applications for 2019-2020 academic year have closed.  Please reach out to the individual contact of the LLC if you have interest or any questions.


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