TAMUG Videos

Texas A&M University at Galveston has many informative videos about life as a sea aggie. Take a look below, and see what TAMUG has to offer you!

"The Ocean is Our Classroom"
The "Ocean is Our Classroom" is a recruitment video for prospective students. This was filmed in 2010.
(6:38 min video hosted on YouTube)

"Life as a Sea Aggie"
YourUniversityTV.com completed this video about the campus, life, and educational opportunities offered at TAMUG in a fun and entertaining way. Check out this exciting tour of our Pelican Island campus!
(6:10 min video hosted by YourUniversityTV)

"50 Years of Sea Aggies"
First viewed at the 2012 Aggie Muster in Galveston, this video is a slideshow of TAMUG photos going back 50 years.
created by William Quillen '11
(5:36 min video hosted on YouTube)

"Sea Camp"
(0:32 min commercial hosted on YouTube)