Board of Visitors

The Board of Visitors of Texas A&M University at Galveston provides advice to the  CEO of Texas A&M University at Galveston on all matters pertaining to the organization, welfare, and advancement of Texas A&M University at Galveston.

Members are appointed by the Board of Regents of the Texas A&M University System and serve terms of three years.  Members are selected based on their interest in higher education, knowledge of industry, involvement in community and commitment to service.

The board meets in January, April, and August of each year.


A Message from the Chairman:

There are many exciting things going on at Texas A&M Galveston, not the least of which are changes at the Board of Visitors level. For the first time, there are now BOV committees that meet either in person or telephonically several times a year to enhance the effectiveness of our board and its members. Those committees are Faculty & Student Recognition (Chair: Chris Orth); Industry Relations (Chair: Bob Fry); Scholarship (Chair: Keith McFatridge); and Board Development (Chair: Dennis Murphree). 

In April, we also added several new members to the BOV and please welcome Kelley Sullivan, Robert Sakowitz, Tyson Voelkel and John Michael.  At the August meeting, we will be proposing additional names to fill up open slots on the BOV to bring us to a full complement of members. In every respect, the Board development Committee is endeavoring to recruit the very best people available to continue to strengthen this board and help our wonderful university.

 Another initiative that we hope to see come to fruition in the coming months is a redevelopment of the landscaping on the campus itself. I think all of us would agree that our parched grass, minimal trees and almost nonexistent flowers make for a less than desired campus experience for students, faculty and visitors. I have asked for help from the landscape architecture department in College Station and they seem excited to participate. 

 We hope to stage a competition among their talented students for the best design utilizing low maintenance - no maintenance native trees, grasses and flowers to create a more appealing outdoor atmosphere on campus. The backbone of this effort will be an irrigation system to keep our flora alive during the hot, dry months. We will keep you apprised of that project as it (hopefully) progresses.

All in all, the BOV and its committees are hard at work.

Gig'Em, Ags.

Chairman Dennis E. Murphree

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Revised August 6, 2013