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The Texas A&M University Student Success Initiative (SSI) was initially launched by the Provost in 2018, and has continued to develop and evolve to support student outcomes across the institution. Galveston Campus has enthusiastically embraced the SSI mandate and proactively worked to create a "culture of success" where every student is able to get the support they need. 

The SSI specifically aims to impact four metrics across the University:

  • Increase first year retention
  • Increase four year graduation rates
  • Increase six year graduation rates
  • Decrease achievement disparities whether ethnic, first-gen college student status, gender, or socioeconomic
TAMUG SSI Implementation
TAMUG SSI Implementation

To coordinate and implement success initiatives on the Galveston campus, an SSI Operations team and SSI Leadership Committee have been formed.

Click here to learn more about these groups and the work they are doing.

Hullabaloo U
Hullabaloo U

A central component of the Student Success Initiative is implementation of a first year experience program. This program, Hullabaloo U, aims to provide all first year students the foundational skills needed to succeed. This is achieved through placement of each student in a Hullabaloo U course that aligns to five standard learning outcomes:

  • Community formation and sense of belonging
  • Increased awareness of campus resources
  • Development of skills to achieve personal and academic goals
  • Equipped to contribute to a diverse and inclusive environment
  • Build major commitment & define marketable skills
Click here to learn more about the Hullabaloo U program.

Additional Related Resources
Additional Related Resources

Student Resources    

Texas A&M University at Galveston is strongly invested in the success of every student. Below are some resources to help you throughout your time at TAMUG. For additional assistance and information, contact the Center for Academic Learning Support at any time (follow the CALS link for additional contact options).

Contact the Student Success Team    

If you have questions about any aspects of the Student Success Initiative or TAMUG student success in general, please reach out to us at success@tamug.edu.