Student Success Initiative | SSI    

The Texas A&M University Student Success Initiative (SSI) was initially launched by the Provost in 2018, and has continued to develop and evolve to support student outcomes across the institution. Galveston Campus has enthusiastically embraced the SSI mandate and proactively worked to create a "culture of success" where every student is able to get the support they need. 

SSI Organization    

On the Galveston Campus, there is an SSI Leadership Team which drives the direction of the initiative, and an SSI Operations Team that strives to implement and coordinate across these efforts. This work is guided by the charge of the Student Success Initiative as well as a variety of strategic planning initiatives across the  institution and campus. Work is additionally coordinated across a large number of committees and individuals on campus, striving to ensure a holistic culture of support and success.

 SSI Organization Chart

Click here to download a PDF of the SSI Organization Chart.

SSI Goals and Alignment    

The purpose of the Student Success Initiate is to create a welcoming and affirming environment for each student in order to foster retention and graduation. The primary goals of Galveston SSI include outcomes of:


Community formation & belonging

One of the essential elements of social engagement quality is the level of social or cultural connectedness a student receives from these social interactions. This connection is often characterized as a student’s sense of belonging. Generally, sense of belonging is defined as a student’s ability to authentically participate in academic and social activities resulting in positive associations with social circles and other groups within and beyond the university community.

Increased awareness of campus resources

As a student enters the university, they must build skills to navigate a new environment and begin to advocate for themselves to gain the resources they need to be successful. The first step in that process is to more fully understand the resources available which might include areas such as: academic advising, academic success services and support, career services, 1973 Center, writing support services, student activities, health care, recreation programs, financial aid, etc.

Develop skills to achieve personal & academic goals

Along with awareness of resources, a student must begin to implement learning behaviors and activities that promote academic achievement. Direct skills might include areas such as developing a study plan, notetaking, time management, using library resources, reading complex text, taking exams, meeting with faculty, dealing with anxiety, increasing focus, and asking for support. This construct also includes academic integrity issues and practices.

Contribute to a diverse & inclusive environment

Students will reflect on aspects of their own identity and diversity; discuss how others may experience campus differently; explore the meaning of equity, diversity and inclusion; and learn about resources that can support and assist them through their own growth and development in this area. This construct is directly related to students’ success in the university and the workplace. Furthermore, this area supports our core values of respect and loyalty.

Build major commitment & define marketable skills

As a special purpose institution dedicated to the Blue Economy (broad marine and maritime industries), it is important for students to understand the depth and breadth of their particular major, explore opportunities, participate in experiential learning, and engage in high impact experiences. This area supports the students life goals and strengthens the commitment to the degree.


SSI Goal Alignment

Click here to download a PDF of the SSI Goals and Alignment.