Academic Coaching and Success Program

Seibel Learning Center

The coaching program provides students the opportunity to increase their academic success and awareness of self through one-on-one coaching plus group connection to peers and the campus community.

What is Academic Coaching

The Academic Coaching & Success Program aims to assist students in developing themselves holistically to be best prepared to market their skills and passion throughout their academic careers and into their future endeavors. Professional academic coaches and trained peer coaches will utilize student development theory to engage students and guide their identity development through the stages of college.

The Academic Coaching program is an amazing resource for students who could benefit from additional support in developing critical academic skills. With elements including goal setting, time management, study skills, and strengths development, our professional academic coaches assist each participant in building an action plan and the skills that will benefit them. Academic coaching is a collaborative process between the student, academic coach, and campus resources to build value to their education and self.

What are the program outcomes

As a result of SLC Academic Coaching & Success program, students will:

  • Connect relationship of academic (educational) goals to life (personal / professional) goals
  • Demonstrate and communicate marketable skills valuable to their future workplace
  • Connect with campus resources to enhance academic success and personal development
  • Develop abilities and perspectives of self-awareness, self-authorship, and self-efficacy
How to Connect with Academic Coaching

Any student at A&M Galveston is welcome to meet with a coach or peer mentor to assist in cultivating academic success. Academic Coaching appointments can address organization skills, time management, goal setting, study skills, communication skills, how to work towards strengths, etc. Walk-in coaching sessions are geared toward the individual student and their concerns and needs. If you would like to set up an appointment, contact Alternatively, you can come by to get started with a peer coach during their walk-in hours: for Spring 2019, they are Monday through Thursday, 12:30pm-1:50pm.

Why Am I in the Mandatory Coaching Program

Academic Coaching & Success mandatory program participation is determined by your academic department and the university based on you performance in previous semesters. Considerations for determining Academic Coaching & Success Program Placement include:

  • Semester GPA below 2.0
  • Cumulative (Overall) GPA below 2.0
  • TSI Course (CAEX) Unsatisfactory ‘U’ grade
  • General Academics Major
  • Department recommendation
Mandatory Coaching Program Requirements

While on Academic Probation Level 2, students are expected to ....

  • Complete intake questionnaire materials by stated deadline
  • Attend Academic Coaching & Success Program Orientation
  • Attend and complete requirements for the Pathways Learning Community Course
  • Meet three times a semester at designated times with assigned academic coach
  • Meet three times a semester at designated times with an SLC Peer Mentor
  • Attend two Learning Commons Services (tutoring, SI, writing lab, etc.) per month

Consequences for Not Participating Full

If a student chooses not to participate in the Academic Coaching & Success Program at any stage, the student can face consequences such as continued probation, departmental suspension, or campus suspension. Participation information will be shared with the student’s academic department.

Contact Info

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