The Maritime Business Administration Department offers highly sought-after degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate level. With a focus on accounting, finance, marketing, law, economics, and mathematics, our students are well-positioned to succeed in a highly valuable career field.

Undergraduate Degrees    

Maritime Business Administration, B.S.

This program provides a solid background in the key areas of accounting, finance, marketing, law, economics and mathematics that are critical for today’s business professional. These courses lay the foundation for more advanced courses in international trade, inland waterways management, port and terminal management and other areas related to the maritime industry. This thorough education places graduates in a fantastic position from which to launch their careers.

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Graduate Degrees  

Master of Maritime Business Administration and Logistics

The MMAL degree is now available in full online. Requiring 36 graduate credits, 21 of them being core, this program gives students a leg up in the competitive field of maritime administration. With 15 credits available for electives, students are able to tailor their learning experience in order to suit their professional interests. The program is available in a thesis or non-thesis format.

Merchant Mariner’s License Option Available


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3+2 Master of Maritime Business Administration Degree

This five year program contains slightly modified curriculum which combines most of the normal coursework for both a bachelor’s and master’s degree resulting in both degrees awarded to the student in five years. Once completing the five year program, a student will be highly qualified for a professional career in the maritime industry.

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Maritime Business Administration

Students at Texas A&M University at Galveston are able to pursue a minor in maritime business administration. This minor gives students a solid foundation in the principals of modern industry administration with a focus on maritime commerce.

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A minor in economics gives students a multifaceted education of various types of economic principles through strenuous courses. The minor works well with people seeking degrees that are strongly linked with industry and commerce, such as maritime administration.

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