Maritime Business Administration, B.S.

A business degree for the sea, this program offers students the chance to learn the skills needed for the maritime industry in the heart of Galveston Bay. This major provides students with great course options, from international trade and port management to economics and accounting. Our graduates are well prepared for a successful career in an ever-growing industry.

Maritime Business Administration Degree    

This degree program provides students with a specialized yet widely applicable degree in maritime business administration. The coursework is rigorous and is provided by professors who are industry experts, many of whom are industry veterans. Whether a student is more interested in the running of ports, working in a shipping company, or getting into accounting or logistics, this degree is perfect for driven individuals that want to land a great job.

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Maritime Business Administration Classes

Major Core Classes (Required)

ACCT 229 Introductory Accounting
ACCT 230 Introductory Accounting
ECON 203 Principles of Economics
FINC 341 Business Finance
MARA 205 Introduction to Ships and Shipping
MARA 212 Business Law
MARA 250 Management Information Systems
MARA 281 Seminar in Undergraduate Research Methods
MARA 301 Ocean Transportation I
MARA 304 Ocean Transportation II
MARA 363 The Management Process
MARA 373 Personnel Management
MARA 421 Admiralty Law
MARA 440 Global Economy and Enterprise Management
MARA 466 Strategic Management
MGMT 211 Legal and Social Environment of Business
MGMT 481 Seminar in Management
MKTG 321 Marketing
SCMT 303 Statistical Methods
SCMT 364 Operations Management

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Career Opportunities    

Love What You Do

The unique flexibility of courses and the unparalleled access to top quality professors, industry experts, and the sea puts our students in a great position to succeed in any number of paths.

Career Paths

Ship’s Agent
Shipping Management
Port & Waterways Management
Operations Manager
Logistics Management
Brokerage and Chartering
Safety and Security Expert

Hiring Agencies

Shipping Companies
Insurance Companies
Accounting Firms
Security Companies
Logistics Company

Salary Ranges

Port Manager:  $75,000 on average
Shipping Manager:  $74,000
Operations Logistics: $52,000 – $98,000
Shipping Agent: $40,000 on average

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At Texas A&M University at Galveston we offer a comprehensive array of degrees which are geared to make the most of our ideal location on the edge of the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. With programs ranging from marine biology to maritime business administration led by enterprising professors at the top of their fields, we’re full of the opportunities you’re seeking.

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