Future & Transfer Students

For students who want more than a general business degree, the Department of Maritime Business Administration offers a clear path into the constantly growing world of maritime industries. With the vast majority of global trade utilizing the sea, there are countless opportunities for graduates on both land and sea.

The Student Experience    

Building Future Leaders

The Texas A&M University at Galveston location is ideally situated with ready access to the Galveston Bay, the Gulf of Mexico, and the ports and cities of Galveston and Houston. Our professors make great use of these incredible resources, giving students an education that espouses strong foundational skills and knowledge coupled with the latest insights and learnings from industry experts and leaders.

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Career Opportunities    

Love What You Do

Our graduates are well-equipped and well-positioned to seamlessly enter the thriving world of the maritime industry as administrators and leaders. The skills taught in the classroom and the connectivity with former and active leaders of various marine-related industries means that our students are groomed to become the next leaders in maritime business and commerce.

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Study Abroad    

Take it Outside (the Country)

We offer unmissable opportunities for students to experience the high-quality learning we pride ourselves on in some of the biggest hubs of the maritime industry on the planet. Students will be able to have a truly remarkable experience studying what they love in a fast-paced and enthralling environment. This program is one of the highlights of the undergraduate and graduate experience, with students immersed and learning in unique cultures, making life-long friends and connections.

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Join the Aggie Family    

Our highly specialized university in Galveston is part of the greater Texas A&M network, and as such offers students all the benefits therein. The warmth of this family and the strength of its core values are reflected in the famous Aggie Ring, which can be yours upon graduation.

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