Disabled Parking    

Designated handicapped spaces are for the exclusive use of persons displaying properly issued handicap license plate or issued a handicap placard issued in their names. Individuals determined by the Police Department to be in possession of a handicap license plate or a handicap Placard, but not actually handicapped or using a handicap license plate or handicap placard for personal gain (i.e. to park in handicap spaces) will be issued a parking citation. Repeated violations may result in having his/her on campus parking permit revoked for the remainder of the school year. If the offense occurs within the last four weeks of the semester, the revocation will also include the next semester.

Campus members who have obtained a special disabled person identifying registration insignia (license plate validation sticker) or a temporarily disabled person identification card, and a current TAMUG parking permit may park in any handicap space on campus.  [Both sticker and card may be obtained from the county Tax Assessor collector’s office in the county in which the person resides.]

Persons who have sustained injury which limits their ambulatory capabilities for short periods of time but does not render them “disabled” may apply for a Temporary Permit with a certified doctor’s request, stating that the applicant may park in lots adjacent to their destination for medical reasons. The University Chief of Police will review the application and grant temporary parking privileges if the facts warrant the accommodation.

Those persons who receive a campus temporary permit are entitled to park in any legally designated parking space, in any parking lot, except the disabled and visitor spaces.  Only  individuals who have been issued “handicap parking” documents from the Tax Assessor’s office, may park in the designated handicap spaces.

Vehicles of campus members that display specially designed license plates or other identification issued by the County Tax Assessor Collector, in which the vehicle is registered, indicating that the vehicle is used for the transportation of disabled persons are entitled to park in any TAMUG Handicapped Parking Zone provided that the vehicle is parked by or used for the transportation of a disabled person.