Business Permits

What are Business permits?

Business permits can be purchased by departments and may be provided to employees who need to move across College Station campus to conduct official university business. Business permits must be used in conjunction with a valid TAMUG parking permit.

How do I get a Business permit?    

Galveston employees needing a College Station Business permit should contact the Galveston Departmental Parking Representative (DPR) in the Auxiliary Services office at to request one on their behalf. The DPR is responsible for all departmental parking arrangements including requesting new and/or renewing permits via the DPR website.

Business permits are $38/year, prorated.

In what areas are the Business permits valid?

Business parking is available in the following areas marked on the Business map:

  • Unnumbered spaces in designated surface lots
  • University Business spaces - 2 hour limit

Please note garage restrictions below:

  • Cain Garage, Central Campus Garage, West Campus Garage and Lot 72 - park in first available space no restrictions
  • Northside Garage and University Center Garage - unnumbered spaces above the second level gates only

In what areas are the Business permits NOT valid?

The Business permits are NOT VALID in:

  • Visitor parking levels in Northside and University Center Garages
  • 24-hour reserved numbered parking spaces
  • 30-minute spaces for longer than 30 minutes
  • Lot 41 (Presidential Library and Museum)
  • Any lot not designated for University Business parking
  • Service Spaces
  • With a Night Permit except at times when the Night Permit is valid
  • Loading zones for over 15 minutes

Can the Business permit be used for parking to go to class, park closer to my office than my regular permit allows, for personal errands, or for special events?

The Business permit should be used FOR OFFICIAL UNIVERSITY BUSINESS ONLY. It may NOT be used to park closer to your building than your assigned lot, to attend class (not including professional development seminars), for personal errands, or for special events (unless it is a part of your job duties to attend). Business permits should not be used by graduate or undergraduate students to attend class or for closer parking to work. Permits should be used to run business errands only; fines may be assessed for misuse. Departments will be responsible for payment of fees due to misuse of these permits.

I currently have a Business permit and I'd like to renew it. What should I do?

Contact your Galveston DPR in the Auxiliary Services office at and we will use the DPR Registration website to renew the permit for you. Individuals may NOT request Business permits.