Driving Regulations

  1. Golf Cart Usage – If your department owns its own golf cart or it uses one of the fleet of golf carts stored at SSC, all drivers must comply with University policy regarding operation of the vehicle and have appropriate evidence of training.
  • Employees may access required training through Train Traq #2112092 prior to operating the golf cart per SAP 34.99.99.M0.01 For questions or concerns regarding golf cart training, please contact the EHS Office 409-740-4490
  • Non-employees may access the training through the External Training Gateway. Please contact Tina Pennington for the password at penningt@tamug.edu
  1. University-Owned Vehicles – If your department uses a University-owned vehicle the following applies.
  • Employees must be in course and scope of their employment to operate a university-owned vehicle.
  • Non-employees are strictly forbidden to operate a university-owned vehicle.
  • Supervisors should periodically verify employees are still authorized to operate a motor vehicle by verifying the individual is still a licensed driver.
  1. 10 – 15 Passenger Van – One of the highest risk areas is that of operating a 10-15 passenger van. If your department owns or expects to rent a 10-15 passenger van, strict training and certification is required.
  • Operating a 10-15 passenger van requires annual certification per 24.01.01.M0.03 Van Safety Procedures.
  • Annual certification requires on-line training and a driving record background check. Additionally, departments should allow 2-3 weeks for the background check verifications.
  • Departments should work with Campus Police on required training and background checks. For questions or concerns regarding the annual certification or background checks, please contact Campus Police 409-740-7137.

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