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Health Fair Welcomes Student Health Resources To Campus    

February 8, 2024

Students talking with local health resources at the spring semester Health Fair.
Students talking with local health resources at the spring semester Health Fair.

By Lucie Hartman '24, Division of Marketing and Communications

Raising awareness and accessibility for health and well-being resources is important for everyone, but particularly college-aged students. Luckily, Texas A&M University at Galveston students share the island with the University of Texas Medical Branch and other partners in health science. 

On January 31, Texas A&M-Galveston's Department of Campus Recreation hosted the Health Fair, a semesterly event bringing awareness to campus and local wellness partners. During the event, students engaged with health professionals to learn about available resources, spent time with Joy the Comfort Dog and took advantage of free services, including ear acupuncture and STI screenings.

Krissy Johnson, the recreation department's assistant director of well-being and facilities, is passionate about increasing students’ accessibility and knowledge of these important resources. For many students, access to healthcare may be limited due to a number of factors, such as a lack of transportation or unfamiliarity to the area. The health fair serves not only to educate students on the breadth of services available to them but also allows them to speak directly with local partners.

“In student affairs and campus recreation, we deeply believe that our well being is more than just our physical health but our spiritual, mental, intellectual, financial, environmental, occupational and social wellbeing,” Johnson said. 

The recreation department started implementing this holistic approach to wellness in 2018 when it changed its name from Rec Sports to Campus Recreation. The department now features six programmatic areas: Intramural Sports, Club Sports, Outdoor Program, Aquatics, Fitness and Wellness. Initiating efforts with the Counseling, Career, and Ability Services office has given Campus Recreation the ability to promote total wellness, not just the fitness, exercise and nutrition that may come to mind when people think of health, said Johnson. 

The Health Fair is not the only opportunity students have to engage in the healthcare and health science communities. Through the Oceans and One Health concentration, students can explore the intersection of human, animal and environmental health within coastal environments, opening career paths in urbanized coastal communities and the medical, dental and veterinary professions.

Lauren Bothwell '25, an oceans and one health student and student body president, says her experience at the university has led her to explore the rich connection that marine science has with new medicine. Bothwell says that she enjoys learning about how “niche marine life is bringing new insights to medical research.” Her undergraduate thesis on jellyfish regeneration reflects this, highlighting the unique chances students at the Galveston Campus have to be creative with their education. 

The campus recreation department's holistic approach to total health allows Galveston Aggies to focus on their education and how they want to make an impact. University events like the Health Fair will continue to provide them with the mental, physical and social services and resources they need to succeed.


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Taylor Bounds

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