Livingstone Caesar

Assistant Professor
Department of Maritime Business Administration

"In the end, the impact of our actions and inactions on others should be the guiding light in the quest to create lasting legacies."

– Livingstone Caesar

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What in your life drew you to your current field of study?

At a very young age, I had the passion to engage in work that could impact people and the environment in a positive way. Growing up, it dawn on me that being a professor offers a great platform to achieve the childhood dream of influencing people and society positively. Aside from growing up in a coastal community, I believe that the innate desire to groom responsible future business leaders largely influenced my decision to pursue a scholarship in the management and maritime business disciplines.

What do you hope your students gain from studying or working with you?

Develop the capacity to be independent critical thinkers equipped with the right mix of skills and qualities to positively impact their generation and the next one.

What are you passionate about in your personal life?

Musical instruments, singing, socializing, and community service.


Ph.D. Management and Commerce, Australian Maritime College, University of Tasmania, 2016
 Shipping and TransportMaritime & Logistics University of Applied Sciences (formerly Netherlands Maritime University), 2010
B.A. International Business - Logistics, Institute of Export and Shipping Management, 2007

Courses Taught
BUSN 203Statistical Methods for Business
MARA 281Seminar in Undergraduate Research Methods

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Okeremi, A., Amoako-Gyampah, K., & Divine Caesar, L. (2021). Exploring the antecedents of entrepreneurship success in information technology firms in Nigeria. Africa Journal of Management7(2), 286-313.

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Amoako, G. K., Bonsu, G. A., Caesar, L. D., & Osei-Tete, F. (2020). Finding the nexus between green supply chain practices and sustainable business advantage: an emerging market perspective. Management of Environmental Quality, 32(6), 1133-1149.

Jeevan, J., Othman, M. R., Salleh, N. H. M., Ghani, N. M. A., Noralam, N. A., & Divine Caesar, L. (2021). An analysis on the triadic connection between seaports, inland terminals and hinterland market. Australian Journal of Maritime & Ocean Affairs13(1), 23-42.

Jeevan, J., Mohd Salleh, N. H., Mohd Zaideen, I. M., Othman, M. R., Menhat, M. N. S., & Divine Caesar, L. (2020). Application of geoeconomics in seaport operations: a theoretical proposal for post Covid-19 recovery strategy. Australian Journal of Maritime & Ocean Affairs12(4), 217-242.

Jeevan, J., Harun, M., Abdullah, W. M. W., Othman, M. R., Salleh, N. H. M., & Caesar, L. D. (2021). The belt and road initiative: a pragmatic constituent for the growth of Malaysian seaport system. World Review of Intermodal Transportation Research10(3), 225-244. 


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Mather, C, Chin, C, Caesar, LD, Chandler, L, & Fei, J, “Utilisation of Echo 360: A comparison between undergraduate nursing and maritime disciplines”, Teaching Matters 2014, 2-3 December, Newnham Campus, University of Tasmania, Launceston (2014) [Conference Extract]

Grants and Fellowships

BMEL/BLE, Germany - Shaping food environments ($250, 000 USD) - 2021

International Institute of Tropical Agriculture Grant for Africa RISING Project ($28, 000 USD) - 2019

Awards & Recognition
  • Best lecturer –Institute of Export and Shipping Management, December 2008
  • Scholarship of Excellence, Netherlands Maritime University, March 2009
  • Honorary Ambassador of Gwangyang Port and City, South Korea, February 2010

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Livingstone Caesar
Assistant Professor
Department of Maritime Business Administration
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