R/V Trident    

R/V Trident Voyage Planning

The following Planning Manual and forms are used for trips offshore (past the end of the Galveston Jetties) and/or greater than 10hrs in duration

How to plan a Trident Voyage

R/V Trident Voyage Planning Synopsis

R/V Trident Voyage Planning Manual

R/V Trident Voyage Planning Form

R/V Trident Voyage Health Form

R/V Trident Post Voyage Checklist

R/V Trident Post Voyage Survey

R/V Trident Plans

R/V Trident Side Profile

R/V Trident Bridge Deck Layout

R/V Trident Main Deck Layout

R/V Trident Construction Milestones

RV Trident

In March of 2014 Texas A&M University at Galveston signed a contract with GEO Shipyards in New Iberia, LA for the construction of a Research, Academic and Training vessel.  This $2.3 million dollar asset will bring much needed functionality to the Waterfront Fleet.  This "Swiss Army Knife" of vessel will allow us to travel up to 200 nautical miles from shore in a variety of mission configurations. 

The vessel is 70 feet long, has a draft of 4 feet, and a cruising speed of 17 knots and is equipped with standard sampling gear. The R/V Trident has berthing for 12 crew and scientists, and can operate 24 hours per day for up to 5 days in between port calls. She has a large working deck (400 sq. ft.), a 240 sq. ft. lab.

June 2014 R/V Trident Keel Laying Ceremony

August 2014 R/V Trident Hull Plating and Interior Finish Selection

October 2014 R/V Trident Deck Plating

November 2014 R/V Trident Superstructure Construction

December 2014 R/V Trident Structural Completion

February 2015 R/V Trident Fitting Out

March 2015 R/V Trident Fitting Out (Continued)

April 2015 R/V Trident Fitting Out (Continued)

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