RV Trident Decking

October 2014 Decking and Bulkhead Installation

R/V Trident hull welding

Welding the watertight seams on the Starboard Hull

Trident Hull Plating Port Side

Port Hull Looking Forward

Main Deck Bulkheads

Pre-fabricated main deck bulkheads

Deck Plating Installation

Deck plating looking port from starboard over Black Water Tank

R/V Trident Completed Decking

Trident deck completed looking forward from Starboard stern

Trident Bulckhead Panel

First Superstructure Panel (it will be the outside wall of the staterooms)

RV Trident Starboard Superstructure

Starboard superstructure on main deck

Trident Bow and Forward Superstructure

Port Bow and Forward Superstructure