R/V Trident Outfitting

On February 18th Vessel Operations traveled to GEO Shipyard in New Iberia, LA to view the outfitting of the equipment and interior of the Trident.  The vessel has had all of its major systems installed and the systems are undergoing detail finishing and testing and startup.  Soon the cabinetry will be installed and decking and bridge electronics will be installed.

RV Trident STBD Bow

R/V Trident Starboard Bow

R/V Trident Starboard Stern

R/V Trident Starboard Stern

R/V Trident Dashboard

R/V Trident Starboard Controlls

R/V Trident Stern Controlls

R/V Trident Winch

R/V Trident Starboard Generator

R/V Trident Interior Cabinets