MARS Faculty

Estuarine and coastal hydrodynamics and water quality conditions.

Organic biogeochemistry, microbial ecology, arctic oceanography

Coastal environmental planning, natural hazards mitigation, spatial analysis, dispute resolution

Economic impacts of natural disasters, vulnerability, adaptation, and general public policy concerning disaster mitigation and recovery

Coastal marine sedimentology, applications of high-resolution marine geophysics (e.g., side scan sonar, seismic reflection surveys)

Global coastal systems responded to previous climate, sea-level and anthropogenic changes with the goal of predicting how these systems will respond to future changes in these forcings

GIS; Spatial Analysis/Statistics; Natural Hazard Mitigation & Policy; Environmental Planning & Policy

Interactions between marine biogeochemical cycles, ocean chemistry and the climate system

Cartographic communication of sea level rise and other climate hazards

Disaster resilience policy and perceptions; rural community resilience; emergency management; adaptive management; climate change perceptions and policy among Millennials, Latinos, and other sub-populations

Chemical Oceanography, Limnology and Hydrology, including tracer applications using radioactive and stable isotopes, relationships between trace element and natural organic matter geochemistry, and importance of exopolymeric substances for pollutants

Paleobiology (including marine micropaleontology and vertebrate paleontology), anthropogenic impacts on marine environments

Coastal physical oceanography, numerical modeling, changing climate and extreme weather events

Coastal hydrogeology, groundwater tracer, nutrient biogeochemistry, microbial ecology

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Faculty with Joint Appointment

Computational Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Biophysical Chemistry

Photo of Douglas J. Klein

Douglas J. Klein

Interactions between marine biogeochemical cycles, ocean chemistry and the climate system

Chemistry education; Organic compounds for novel applications

Photo of Grace L. Townsend

Grace L. Townsend
Instructional Assistant Professor

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Adjunct Faculty

NASA Planetary Scientist

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Photo of Ernest Estes

Ernest Estes
Professor Emeritus (Retired)

Evaluation of Pleistocene material for shoreline protection; Sedimentology and stratigraphy

Photo of Gerald E. Hite

Gerald E. Hite
Professor Emeritus (retired)

Interplay between theory and experiment, ie. application of mathematical models to describe physical phenomena

Paleoceanography, Arctic Ocean, climate change, Black Sea, and accelerator mass spectrometry and radiocarbon dating

Photo of Susan L. Knock

Susan L. Knock
Instructional Associate Professor Emeritus (Retired)

Avian diversity studies for an energy company that is planning to develop a wind generator plant near West Galveston Bay

Photo of Wyndylyn von Zharen

Wyndylyn von Zharen
Professor Emeritus (Retired)

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