Maritime Studies Minor

The broad range of liberal arts courses offered by this minor will provide an opportunity for TAMUG students in other majors to expand their non-scientific knowledge and experience diverse maritime topics. The courses have been carefully selected for content, class size, and instructor to give students an optimum learning experience and to enrich all of the majors offered at TAMUG.

Maritime Studies Classes

Maritime Studies Classes

Select one Anthropology, one English, and one History/Political Science class (9 hours total):

ANTH 202 Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 210 Social and Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 225 Introduction to Biological Anthropology
ANTH 313 Historical Archaeology
ANTH 316 Nautical Archaeology
ANTH 318 Nautical Archaeology of the Americas
ANTH 350 Old World Archaeology
ENGL 335 Literature of the Sea
ENGL 415 Studies in a Major Author
HIST 232 History of American Seapower
HIST 242 United States Maritime History
MAST 345 Texas Maritime Culture and History
POLS 347 Politics of the Energy and Environment

Select two classes from the following (6 hours):

ANTH 351 Classical Archaeology
CLAS 371 In Search of Homer and the Trojan War
MAST 265 Elissa Sail Training
MAST 350 History of Wooden Shipbuilding
MAST 352 Maritime Craftsmanship
MAST 354 Ancient Egyptian Seafaring
MAST 411 International Maritime Culture
MAST 441 Maritime Piracy Seminar


  • Complete a minimum of 6 hours at the 300-400 level
  • Students in any major may establish a minor field of study in Maritime Studies through completing 15 hours of credits selected from the following courses in consultation with a Maritime Studies advisor.
  • A minimum grade of “C” must be made in a course for it to count toward the Minor.

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Career Opportunities    

Love What You Do

The unique flexibility of courses and the unparalleled access to top quality professors, laboratories, and the sea puts our students in a great position to succeed in any number of paths.

Career Paths

Museum Curator
Tour Guide
Secondary Education

Hiring Agencies

Historical Societies
Tourism Groups
Secondary Schools

Salary Ranges

College Professor: $69,911 on average
Archaeologist: $61,220 on average
Museum Curator: $42 - $68K

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