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AIM Well promotes Fitness and Well-Being by providing Information and Opportunities to foster relationships and service for Purposeful Living.

About the program

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The AIM Well program is a voluntary wellness program designed to improve the health and well-being of employees and reduce or eliminate problems affecting employee health and work productivity.  The objective of AIM Well is to provide a supportive environment that encourages employees to adopt healthy behaviors and positive lifestyle changes that help improve job performance, increase work satisfaction, and reduce health care/insurance costs.

AIM Well wants to help you identify and reach your best wellness.  You will need to give your health and wellness some Attention, gather some Information, and stay Motivated.  The AIM Well  program can assist you by helping you direct your Attention to health and wellness, providing you with Information about the current trends, your benefits, local programs (and more!) and helping you stay Motivated!  AIM Well  will bring you everything from Wellness Wednesday workshops covering a wide variety of health and wellness related topics to information on your current benefits, on-site shot clinics and bio-screens to off-campus group activities; team sporting events and team challenges, expect all this and more this new year!

For further information, please contact Mary Bentz,, x4061

Upcoming Wellness Program Events    

We hope you all have your teams registered and ready to kick off the annual 8-week Walk Across Texas program! Tracking activities will begin after a kickoff event on Friday, September 27th. Meet us on the Mugdown patio at 3:30 PM to meet up with other team members and to enjoy some music and light refreshments!

Buzz Refugio is back for another food demonstration! Join us on Thursday, November 21st at 11:30 AM in the kitchen of Pacific Residence Hall (bldg 3031) for more Catch the Buzz. Come see what Buzz is cooking up!

Meet us on the Mugdown Patio for November's Wind Down Wednesday! Students, faculty, and staff are all welcome to join the Office of Counseling on November 20th for music and refreshments. Information on entertainment coming soon.

Take aim at your wellness target NOW!    

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