Employee Benefits    

The mission of the Texas A&M University Benefits Office is to provide effective and efficient benefits counseling to those we serve while assuring compliance with all pertinent laws, rules, and regulations. The Employee Benefits for your own account can be accessed through Single Sign On (SSO).

University Holiday Calendar    

The University holiday calendar can be found here - 

Texas A&M University Holiday Calendar

System Benefit Information can be found at https://www.tamus.edu/benefits/

Used when an employee needs time off to attend continuing education classes

Contains what, where and how information on pre-tax spending accounts.

Information on the advantages and disadvantages of TD accounts for Retirement.

Tax-Deferred Account Maximum Contribution Limit Worksheet (HR10) for Retirees

For more information regarding Sick Leave Pool eligibility, please contact Tina Pennington in the Human Resources office at 409-740-4534