Texas A&M Galveston Salaries and Pay Grades    

The Job Code, Title, Pay, and FLSA information of any position at TAMUG can be found below. The positions are segregated based on Job Family they belong.


Job Code Job Title Pay Grade Job Family FLSA
U1126 Administrative Associate I 3 Administrative Non-Exempt
U1127 Administrative Associate II 4 Administrative Non-Exempt
U1128 Administrative Associate III 5 Administrative Non-Exempt
U1129 Administrative Associate IV 6 Administrative Non-Exempt
U1130 Administrative Associate V 7 Administrative Non-Exempt
U1131 Administrative Coordinator I 8 Administrative Exempt
U1132 Administrative Coordinator II 9 Administrative Exempt
U8081 Assistant Director 13 Administrative Exempt
U8100 Associate Director P14 14 Administrative Exempt
U8494 Associate Vice President Excluded Administrative Exempt
U1146 Customer Service Associate I 4 Administrative Non-Exempt
U1147 Customer Service Associate II 5 Administrative Non-Exempt
U1148 Customer Service Associate III 6 Administrative Non-Exempt
U8319 Director 15 Administrative Exempt
U8206 Director, Bookstore Operations Excluded Administrative Exempt
U1150 Executive Assistant I 9 Administrative Exempt 
U8741 Executive Assistant II 11 Administrative Exempt 
U8742 Executive Assistant III 13 Administrative Exempt 
U8321 Executive Director Excluded Administrative Exempt
U9346 Manager P11 11 Administrative Exempt 
U9344 Manager P12 12 Administrative Exempt 
U8750 Manager, Operations 13 Administrative Exempt
U8730 Senior Administrative Coordinator I 11 Administrative Exempt
U7995 Senior Administrative Coordinator II 12 Administrative Exempt
U8754 Special Advisor to the Vice President 18 Administrative Exempt
U8701 Superintendent, Texas Maritime Program Excluded Administrative Exempt 

Business / Finance    

Business / Finance
Job Code Job Title Pay Grade Job Family FLSA
U8803 Budget Manager 13 Business / Finance Exempt
U1409 Budget Specialist I 9 Business / Finance Exempt
U9364 Budget Specialist II 10 Business / Finance Exempt
U9365 Budget Specialist III 12 Business / Finance Exempt
U9366 Business Administrator I 11 Business / Finance Exempt
U8783 Business Administrator II 12 Business / Finance Exempt
U8784 Business Administrator III 13 Business / Finance Exempt
U1416 Business Assistant I 3 Business / Finance Non-Exempt
U1417 Business Assistant II 4 Business / Finance Non-Exempt
U1418 Business Associate I 5 Business / Finance Non-Exempt
U1419 Business Associate II 6 Business / Finance Non-Exempt
U1420 Business Associate III 7 Business / Finance Non-Exempt
U1421 Business Coordinator I 8 Business / Finance Exempt 
U8786 Business Coordinator II 9 Business / Finance Exempt 
U8787 Business Coordinator III 10 Business / Finance Exempt 
U8788 Business Development Coordinator 11 Business / Finance Exempt 
U8789 Business Development Specialist 11 Business / Finance Exempt 
U9787 Business Specialist 7 Business / Finance Exempt 

Communication / Marketing    

Communication / Marketing
Job Code Job Title Pay Grade Job Family FLSA
U8835 Communications Coordinator 10 Communication / Marketing Exempt
U1568 Communications Specialist I 8 Communication / Marketing Exempt
U8836 Communications Specialist II 9 Communication / Marketing Exempt
U8837 Communications Specialist III 10 Communication / Marketing Exempt

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Enrollment Services    

Enrollment Services
Job Code Job Title Pay Grade Job Family FLSA
U8962 Admissions Counselor I 7 Enrollment Services Non-Exempt
U8963 Admissions Counselor II 8 Enrollment Services Exempt
U8964 Admissions Counselor III 9 Enrollment Services Exempt
U3015 Financial Aid Advisor I 7 Enrollment Services Non-Exempt
U8969 Financial Aid Advisor II 9 Enrollment Services Exempt 
U8970 Financial Aid Advisor III 10 Enrollment Services Exempt 
U8971 Financial Aid Advisor IV 11 Enrollment Services Exempt 

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Job Code Job Title Pay Grade Job Family FLSA
U7120 Assistant Professor Excluded Faculty Exempt
U7160 Assistant Professor of the Practice Excluded Faculty Exempt
U8627 Assistant Research Scientist Excluded Faculty Exempt
U7224 Associate Professor Excluded Faculty Exempt
U7272 Associate Professor of the Practice Excluded Faculty Exempt
U7276 Associate Professor of the Practice & Head Excluded Faculty Exempt
U7468 Executive Professor Excluded Faculty Exempt
U7508 Instructional Assistant Professor Excluded Faculty Exempt
U7512 Instructional Associate Professor Excluded Faculty Exempt
U7516 Instructional Professor Excluded Faculty Exempt
U7628 Lecturer Excluded Faculty Exempt 
U7100 Professor Excluded Faculty Exempt
U7744 Professor & Head Excluded Faculty Exempt
U7756 Professor Of The Practice Excluded Faculty Exempt
U7832 Senior Lecturer Excluded Faculty Exempt 
U7844 Senior Professor Excluded Faculty Exempt 
U7948 Visiting Assistant Professor Excluded Faculty Exempt

Human Resources    

Human Resources
Job Code Job Title Pay Grade Job Family FLSA
U8327 Executive Director, Human Resources Excluded Human Resources Exempt
U3206 Human Resources Generalist I 8 Human Resources Non-Exempt
U3207 Human Resources Generalist II 10 Human Resources Exempt 
U8991 Human Resources Generalist III 11 Human Resources Exempt 
U3209 Human Resources Specialist I 9 Human Resources Non-Exempt
U8992 Human Resources Specialist II 11 Human Resources Exempt 
U8993 Human Resources Specialist III 12 Human Resources Exempt 
U8994 Human Resources Specialist IV 13 Human Resources Exempt 

IT / Data    

IT / Data
Job Code Job Title Pay Grade Job Family FLSA
U3406 Computer Maintenance Technician I 64 IT/Data Non-Exempt
U3407 Computer Maintenance Technician II 65 IT/Data Non-Exempt
U3408 Computer Maintenance Technician III 66 IT/Data Non-Exempt
U3409 Computer Maintenance Technician IV 67 IT/Data Non-Exempt
U3410 Computer Support Specialist  61 IT/Data Non-Exempt
U8338 Director, Information Technology Excluded IT/Data Exempt
U3416 End User Support Specialist I 66 IT/Data Exempt 
U3417 End User Support Specialist II 67 IT/Data Exempt 
U3418 End User Support Specialist III 69 IT/Data Exempt 
U3419 End User Support Specialist IV 70 IT/Data Exempt 
U9484 Information Technology Supervisor 64 IT/Data Non-Exempt
U9489 IT Business Analyst I 67 IT/Data Exempt 
U9490 IT Business Analyst II 68 IT/Data Exempt 
U9491 IT Business Analyst III 70 IT/Data Exempt 
U9492 IT Business Analyst IV 71 IT/Data Exempt 
U9499 IT Professional I 66 IT/Data Exempt 
U9500 IT Professional II 67 IT/Data Exempt 
U9507 Network Engineer I 68 IT/Data Exempt 
U9508 Network Engineer II 69 IT/Data Exempt 
U9509 Network Engineer III 71 IT/Data Exempt 
U9510 Network Engineer IV 72 IT/Data Exempt 
U9517 Senior IT Professional I 69 IT/Data Exempt 
U9518 Senior IT Professional II 71 IT/Data Exempt 
U9519 Senior IT Professional III 73 IT/Data Exempt 

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Library / Museum    

Library / Museum
Job Code Job Title Pay Grade Job Family FLSA
U8621 Librarian I Excluded Library / Museum Exempt
U8622 Librarian II Excluded Library / Museum Exempt
U8623 Librarian III Excluded Library / Museum Exempt
U8624 Librarian IV Excluded Library / Museum Exempt
U8625 Librarian V Excluded Library / Museum Exempt
U4023 Library Specialist I 4 Library / Museum Non-Exempt
U4024 Library Specialist II 5 Library / Museum Non-Exempt
U4025 Library Specialist III 6 Library / Museum Non-Exempt
U9099 Manager, Library 12 Library / Museum Exempt

Police / Security    

Police / Security
Job Code Job Title Pay Grade Job Family FLSA
U4373 Police Officer I 9 Police / Security Non-Exempt
U4374 Police Officer II 10 Police / Security Non-Exempt
U4375 Police Officer III 11 Police / Security Non-Exempt
U4377 Police Officer IV 12 Police / Security Non-Exempt
U4381 Police Sergeant P12 12 Police / Security Non-Exempt
U4382 Police Sergeant P13 13 Police / Security Non-Exempt

Program / Project    

Program / Project
Job Code Job Title Pay Grade Job Family FLSA
U4514 Program Assistant P4 4 Program / Project Non-Exempt
U4515 Program Assistant P7 7 Program / Project Non-Exempt
U4516 Program Coordinator I P5 5 Program / Project Exempt 
U4517 Program Coordinator I P9 9 Program / Project Exempt 
U9148 Program Coordinator II P11 11 Program / Project Exempt 
U9149 Program Coordinator II P14 14 Program / Project Exempt 
U9169 Program Manager  P10 10 Program / Project Exempt 
U9168 Program Manager P11 11 Program / Project Exempt 
U9146 Program Manager P12 12 Program / Project Exempt 

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Job Code Job Title Pay Grade Job Family FLSA
U8628 Associate Research Scientist Excluded Research Exempt
U8630 Postdoctoral Research Associate Excluded Research Exempt
U8544 Research Assistant 5 Research Exempt
U8545 Research Associate 7 Research Exempt
U8634 Research Scientist Excluded Research Exempt

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Job Code Job Title Pay Grade Job Family FLSA
U5323 Ablebodied Seaman 7 Specialty Other
U5165 Boatswain - Waterfront Operations 9 Specialty Other
U9719 Captain - Inland 9 Specialty Other
U9720 Captain - Near Coastal 12 Specialty Other
U9721 Captain - Ocean 15 Specialty Exempt 
U5169 Captain - Waterfront Operations 9 Specialty Exempt
U8147 Chief Engineer 17 Specialty Exempt
U9628 Chief Mate 16 Specialty Exempt
U5284 Second Mate 14 Specialty Exempt
U5306 Third Mate 12 Specialty Exempt
JC-6024 Deckhand 5 Specialty Other
U5215 First Assistant Engineer 16 Specialty Exempt
U5283 Second Assistant Engineer 14 Specialty Exempt
U5268 Marine Electrician 8 Specialty Other
U5269 Master of the Training Ship 18 Specialty Exempt
U9680 Third Assistant Engineer 12 Specialty Exempt 

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Student Services    

Student Services
Job Code Job Title Pay Grade Job Family FLSA
U9270 Academic Advisor I 7 Student Services Exempt 
U9271 Academic Advisor II 8 Student Services Exempt 
U9272 Academic Advisor III 9 Student Services Exempt 
U9273 Academic Advisor IV 10 Student Services Exempt 
U9280 Assistant Manager, Bookstore 9 Student Services Exempt 
U9683 Career Services Coordinator 9 Student Services Exempt
U8421 Director, Career Services Excluded Student Services Exempt
U8422 Director, Counseling Excluded Student Services Exempt
U8426 Director, Residence Life Excluded Student Services Exempt
U8428 Director, Student Activities Excluded Student Services Exempt
U9692 Professional Counselor I 11 Student Services Exempt
U9693 Professional Counselor II 12 Student Services Exempt
U9694 Professional Counselor III 13 Student Services Exempt
U9695 Professional Counselor IV 14 Student Services Exempt
U5490 Student Development Specialist I 8 Student Services Non-Exempt
U9330 Student Development Specialist II 9 Student Services Exempt 
U9331 Student Development Specialist III 11 Student Services Exempt 
U9332 Student Development Specialist IV 13 Student Services Exempt 

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EHS / Facilities    

EHS / Facilities
Job Code Job Title Pay Grade Job Family FLSA
U8919 Assistant Manager, Environmental Health and Safety 12 EHS / Facilities Exempt 
U2374 Mail Service Leader 6 EHS / Facilities Non-Exempt
U2403 Occupational Safety and Health Inspector I 6 EHS / Facilities Non-Exempt
U2404 Occupational Safety and Health Inspector II 7 EHS / Facilities Non-Exempt
U2405 Occupational Safety and Health Inspector III 9 EHS / Facilities Non-Exempt
U9447 Occupational Safety and Health Inspector IV 10 EHS / Facilities Exempt

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Job Code Job Title Pay Grade Job Family FLSA
U8390 Executive Assoc Vice President for Academic Affairs, TAMUG/Assoc Provost, TAMU Excluded Academic Affairs Exempt
U8221 Director, Recreational Sports Excluded Athletics / Recreation Exempt 
U8900 Manager, Risk and Compliance 12 Compliance/Risk Exempt
U8290 Director, Educational Outreach Excluded Development / External Relations Exempt
U9004 Graduate Assistant - Research 1 Graduate Assistant Exempt
U9009 Graduate Assistant - Teaching 1 Graduate Assistant Exempt
U3647 Technical Laboratory Coordinator 9 Lab / Technical Exempt 
U8099 Assistant Commandant 13 Military / Veteran Exempt 
U7463 Student Coordinator 1 Student Worker Non-Exempt
U7758 Student Worker 1 Student Worker Non-Exempt
U5613 Transit Bus Driver 6 Transportation Non-Exempt
U7493 Program Aide 1 Wage Only  Non-Exempt

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