Galveston Gateway Program    

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As a Gateway student, you will be immersed in a close-knit Living-Learning Community during the summer 2 session, 6-weeks prior to the start of the Fall semester. The Gateway Community provides provisionally admitted students the opportunity to prepare academically through engaging with resources and building skills while completing university credit-bearing coursework during the summer.

Gateway Selection Process
Gateway Selection Process

Gateway students are selected during the admissions process as provisional admits; there is not a special application for the Gateway program, and you cannot request program participation. Students who are admitted to Gateway must participate successfully in the Gateway program to gain full-admissions into the fall semester and to Texas A&M University at Galveston.

If you have been admitted to the Gateway program - welcome! During admissions, it was determined that you could benefit from additional preparation and support before your first full college semester. We are here to make sure you successfully transition to college.

All admissions offers are handled by the Student Enrollment Services. Contact them at : or (409) 740-4414
Summer 2021 Programming
Summer 2021 Programming
For Summer 2021, Gateway students will participate in the following programming during the Summer II term:
  • Registered for 2 credit-bearing courses counting toward their degree plan
    • Courses often satisfy general core requirements toward the student’s degree
  • Students will be registered for two (2) CLGV learning communities
    • One CLGV course will include the entire Gateway community as a daily learning community meeting
    • The second CLGV course will be a weekly small group class to dive further into the class materials for the week and create personal connections
    • The materials for these two classes will overlap in broad topics, but will be approached differently to provide students different resources and connections to their peers, learning, and campus resources
  • Mandatory study hours
    • 2 hours a day (7 p.m. - 9 p.m.)
      • Sunday - Thursday
      • 10 hours a week of studying (minimum)
      • Any time spent at Course Support (tutoring) or the Writing Lab will count towards the required hours
      • Peer mentors will be present to facilitate study hours and aid in study skill development
    • Students will be required to meet with multiple resources within the Center for Academic Learning Support at specific times during the summer - a schedule will be shared with students before the summer semester begins:
      • Meet two times one-on-one during summer with Academic Coach
      • Meet one time during summer with Gateway Coordinator
      • Meet two times one-on-one during summer with assigned Peer Mentor
Gateway Requirements
Gateway Requirements

All students in the Gateway program will be expected to meet the following requirements:

  • Must attend all classes. This includes the Galveston Gateway Learning Community meetings and academic activities.
  • Will reside in assigned campus housing unless exempted by normal Campus Living & Learning policies and procedures.
  • Must adhere to all University Student Rules and Regulations
  • Must adhere to the Aggie Code of Honor
  • Must maintain a 2.0 or higher cumulative GPA to remain in good academic standing with the university. This means maintaining a “C” average or higher and no “F’s” or “U’s” in the Summer II term.
  • Will show respect to all TAMUG students, faculty, staff and guests.
Gateway Outcomes
Gateway Outcomes
There are 3 possible Fall admissions outcomes after students complete Galveston Gateway:
  • Gateway Good Standing
    • Continue as a full student for Fall semester
    • Student must complete Gateway summer semester in good academic standing: above a 2.0 GPA with no F’s.
    • Student must complete Gateway summer semester in good conduct standing with the university through adherence to University Rules and Regulations.
  • Gateway Probation
    • Continue as a full student for Fall semester in Probationary Status
    • Student has a GPA between a 2.0 and a 2.9 for summer, and/or
    • Student is unsatisfactory in Gateway LC, and/or
    • Student is unsatisfactory in ASCC (if enrolled), and/or
    • If a student is on probation with Gateway for the above reasons, student will be enrolled in the Gateway HU course during the full academic year (fall and spring semesters)
  • Campus Suspension
    • Student status is discontinued
    • Students completed summer coursework below the minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA, and/or
    • Student received an F in one or both of their courses, and/or
    • Student did not adhere to University Rules and Regulations
Summer 2021 Checklist
Summer 2021 Checklist

Students will be registered for Summer II courses beginning in April as holds are removed from their account. Make sure you are completing the following steps and checking your university email in a timely manner to have priority registration.

Before you can be registered:

  • Register for your Gateway NSC through your AIS Portal
  • Submit Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Scores
    • All incoming students in Texas are required to take the TSI Assessment - unless exempt - to determine your readiness for college-level work.
    • For more information, visit
  • Complete the Advising Questionnaire
    • After you have confirmed your enrollment at the university for the Gateway Program through registering for your NSC, you will be emailed a link to submit your academic advising questionnaire. Completing this advising questionnaire will assist the academic advisors and program coordinator in registering you for your summer and fall classes.
  • Submit Bacterial Meningitis Shot Record
  • Complete Tuition Rate Code Selection (TRS)
  • Accept Terms of Use
    • Accept Terms of Use
  • Accept Location Update
  • Complete Lab Safety Acknowledgement

Before you Attend Summer 2021:
  • Housing
    • Submit your housing application with Campus Living & Learning for both the summer and fall semesters
    • Pay the $75 application fee to apply for Summer II and Fall housing; no deposit required.
    • To apply for housing visit
  • Submit FAFSA for Financial Aid Consideration
    • FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
    • In order to be considered for any financial aid with the university, you will need to submit the FAFSA application.
    • For more information about financial aid visit,
  • Parking Permit
    • Purchase the 2020 - 2021 Residence parking permit for the Summer II term
      • You will need to purchase a new parking permit for the fall term at the end of the summer Gateway program.
  • Pay Tuition & Fees
    • Tuition can be paid through your Howdy account.
  • Attend New Student Conference
    • NSC is a program created to connect you to students and resources on the TAMUG campus before your classes begin. All Gateway students will be required to attend the 1-day NSC before the Summer II term begins.
Summer Course Selection
Summer Course Selection
  • Students are registered for two (2) credit bearing courses (6 or 7 credit hours) during the summer Gateway semester
  • Gateway Summer II classes will be registered by the Gateway Program Coordinator in late-Spring/early-Summer -- students will not be registering themselves for their Gateway courses
  • The Gateway Program Coordinator will review each student account individually to help determine an academic success plan based on the available summer Gateway courses
  • The following criteria will be considered in summer Gateway course registration:
    • If a student is not TSI compliant, the student will be co-enrolled in the TSI class(es) to meet compliance requirements during the summer semester
      • Ex: ENGL 104 and ASCC 004 (Writing Co-enrollment)
      • Ex: POLS 206/207 and ASCC 004 (Reading Co-enrollment)
      • Ex: MATH 150 or MATH 140 and ASCC 001 (Math Co-enrollment)
    • The Gateway Coordinator will review the student’s account for incoming credits, TSI scores, MPE, degree plan and Gateway course offering to select courses for registration.
  • All courses selected will count towards requirements in the student's declared major
  • Gateway is not a summer camp program. The classes you are taking are at the college level and are not watered-down. The grades, experiences and relationships you make in these classes will follow you throughout the remainder of your college career.
Fall Course Selection
Fall Course Selection
  • Students in the Gateway Program will be cohorted with other Gateway students for fall registration
    • Being cohorted with other Gateway students means that the students will be taking at least 2 courses with other Gateway students
    • Being cohorted allows for students to build connections and support groups through multiple classes.
  • Registration for the fall class schedule will depend on:
    • Dual credits transferred
    • Potential AP credits
    • TSI scores and Placement exams
    • Gateway summer course registration and class success
    • Degree plan and future intentions
  • Gateway students will be registered for 12-14 credit hours only during the fall semester
    • Exact number of credit hours will depend on the class schedule and associated labs
    • The number of enrolled credit hours is maintained small during the first full semester to allow the student to successfully transition into a full semester without being overwhelmed
Gateway New Student Conference
Gateway New Student Conference
  • All Gateway students will attend the 1-day Gateway NSC date
  • Students are required to register themselves for the Gateway NSC date
    • Registration for NSC is the confirmation you plan to attend the university and participate in the Gateway Program
  • The Gateway NSC is a full-day event to connect you to campus resources and your peers and to ease your transition into the university
  • The Gateway NSC occurs in a one-day format the day before your Summer II Gateway classes will begin.
  • Summer 2021 Gateway NSC
    • Monday, July 5, 2021
    • Estimate the NSC will run from 7 a.m. - late hours
    • Schedule of events will be posted when available, estimated early Summer
  • Registration for NSC can be found through the Applicant Information System (AIS) Portal
  • Click here for more information about NSC
Gateway Living Learning Community
Gateway Living Learning Community
  • Gateway students will reside together in a living-learning community
  • Students will only be required to live together during the summer Gateway Program and can live outside the community/with other students during the fall semester
  • To learn more about what you need to bring, prohibited items, housing locations and submitting inquiries, visit the Campus Living & Learning website at
Peer Mentors
Peer Mentors
  • Gateway Peer Mentors are current undergraduate students who have previously completed the Gateway program. These students are trained, prepared and excited to help you successfully navigate the summer Galveston Gateway Program and transition into and through the fall semester.
  • Our Gateway Peer Mentors will be integrated and interacting with students through daily classes and events throughout the summer.
  • Check back closer to the summer to meet and connect with your upcoming Gateway Peer Mentors
Gateway Costs
Gateway Costs

The Gateway program does not have additional cost or fees associated with it, beyond the standard costs of completing summer courses and living on-campus. All Gateway Learning Community courses (CLGV courses) are 0-credit-hour and are zero cost. The cost of the program is determined by the university for 6 credit hours and room & board for the summer term. You can learn more about the estimated cost by visiting A detailed break-down of cost estimates will be available shortly. If you hope to utilize financial aid for the summer 2021 Gateway term, you must complete the 2020-2021 FAFSA.