Texas A&M Maritime Academy Hall    

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The Texas A&M Maritime Academy Hall was completed through a public private partnership (P3) with Hunt Development Companies.  The building opened for occupancy in November 2015 and is the first significant building constructed on the north side of Seawolf Parkway.  In addition to the building, an access road, parking, and appropriate lighting have been constructed.  While the road provides vehicular access, more direct pedestrian access is available with a pedestrian walkway on the south side that connects the building to the rest of the campus residential community.

Safety is always a priority for the campus.  In addition to appropriate lighting on the access road and around the building, the Texas A&M Maritime Academy Hall also uses card key access into the building, wings and suites.  Safety of pedestrian traffic crossing Seawolf Parkway has been addressed using a unique solution known as a High intensity Activated crossWalK (HAWK).  The HAWK is a pedestrian-activated beacon located on the roadside.  For a brief introduction to the HAWK system, please click the link below for a YouTube video prepared by the Delaware Department of Transportation.

In addition to the student residences, the Texas A&M Maritime Academy Hall also includes a variety of lounge space, office space, four classrooms, a large laundry room and dining retail space operated by Chartwells.  The dining retail space includes Seawolf Subs, a Starbucks "We Proudly Brew" coffee shop, an ice cream station and an Outtakes – all of which will be accessible with student meal plans.