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Nearly 1,000 Scientists in Tampa for Conference on BP Oil Spill
Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative

Texas A&M University at Galveston researchers awarded $1.9 million to study deep-ocean fauna in the Gulf of Mexico

Texas A&M Galveston Marine Biology professor receives prestigious Regents Professor Award

Natal homing and connectivity in Atlantic bluefin tuna populations
Science Magazine

(Podcast Interview)

Atlantic tuna return thousands of miles to birthplace to spawn
Science Daily

Bicoastal Atlantic bluefin tuna
Science News

Boomerang bluefins

Tuna imperiled by its bicoastal habits
New York Times

Young bluefin tuna cross the Atlantic to mingle
USA Today

Atlantic tuna return thousands of miles to birthplace to spawn

Scientists find new migratory patterns for Mediterranean and Western Atlantic bluefin tuna

Tuna travel across the Atlantic as youngsters

Atlantic tuna returns to birthplace to spawn

Tuna's just too cheap: Japanese appetites are set to eat these fish to the brink of extinction
Japan Times

Researchers hope science can save bluefin tuna
New York Sun

Advocates hope science can save a big tuna
Washington Post

Giant tuna kindergarten identified in Atlantic
New Scientist

Marine food web has unexpected base
Science Now

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