Liberal Studies

The Department of Liberal Studies offers four interdisciplinary undergraduate degrees:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Maritime Studies

  • Bachelor of Science University Studies in Maritime Public Policy and Communication

  • Bachelor of Science University Studies in Tourism and Coastal Community Development

  • Bachelor of Science University Studies in Maritime Environmental Law and Policy

The mission of the Department of Liberal Studies is to provide a robust intellectual foundation for students pursuing occupational and leadership roles in areas such as government, communication, business, non-governmental organizations, public policy, journalism, archeology and anthropology, museums and archives, professional diving, and preparation for graduate studies and law school.

Liberal Studies students participate in a variety of national programs such as the Model United Nations, and unique international educational opportunities around the world are frequently available through courses offered in the TAMU Study Abroad Program.

With faculty maintaining research agendas in a variety of disciplines including politics, history, mass media and communication, English, popular culture, archeology, philosophy, museum studies, anthropology, genocide studies, African-American studies, and mathematics, Liberal Studies builds within students enhanced critical thinking and strong communication skills, while emphasizing the critical nature of multicultural thinking and collaboration in a global economy.

The Department of Liberal Studies provides the skills necessary for students to:

  • Lead others through critical thinking, multi-dimensional problem solving, and issue advocacy;

  • Be competitive in a multicultural world increasingly interested in college graduates with interdisciplinary backgrounds;

  • Inform public policy creation and decision-making from both the governmental and business perspectives;

  • Earn internships in areas such as politics, law and legal affairs, communication, for-profit and non-profit organizations, and museum management;

  • Prepare for graduate school and law school opportunities;

  • Understand the inalienable connections between liberal education, freedom, and democracy.

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