Employee Assistance Program

Due to recent changes to the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Texas A&M University at Galveston (TAMUG) benefits-eligible employees should contact Texas A&M University (main campus) EAP in College Station for confidential services at (979) 845-3711 or eap@tamu.edu.  This is anticipated to be an interim measure which will be in place until local resources are identified and services made available.  When contacting the EAP, let them know you are a TAMUG employee.  A time will be scheduled for you to speak via telephone with a mental health professional.  If longer term resources are needed, the mental health professional will assist you in identifying a provider through the health plan.

 Additional information on Texas A&M University EAP is available at http://employees.tamu.edu/eap/.

 Please contact TAMUG Human Resources at (409) 740-4534 or hr@tamug.edu for additional information.    


Finding Answers for Personal Problems

Are any of these problems bothering you?

  • Grief or Stress

  • Emotional Problems

  • Family/Marital Problems

  • Financial/Legal Problems (Referral Only)

  • Drug/Alcohol Dependence or Abuse

  • Difficulties with Co-Workers/Supervisors

EAP can help!!!!

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Educational Seminars

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How Do I Know I Need the Services of the EAP?

If you think it could be a problem, then it probably is.