Texas A&M University at Galveston Honors Program works to promote academically talented students with opportunities to participate in specially designed courses that prepare them to conduct independent research and/or scholarly activity under the oversight of a faculty mentor. Our Honors Program is characterized by small class sizes, interdisciplinary topics, and professors dedicated to teaching and creating an atmosphere which encourages open discussion of ideas and active learning. 
For questions about TAMUG Honors, contact:

    David Lawhon, Director of Honors Program at

   Barbara Dover, Program Assistant at


NEW DAYS AND TIMES FOR HONORS MEETINGS: Fall 2015 meetings will be held on Monday evenings at 7:00PM

Meeting schedule for Fall 

Monday, September 7th: PMEC 151, 7:00PM
Monday, October 5th: PMEC 151, 7:00PM
Monday, November 2nd: PMEC 151, 7:00PM 


                                                             Meet the 2015-2016 Officers                                                                                         

President Abby Grant
Vice President Alexis Hornsby
Treasurer Michelle Nguyen
Secretary Jesus Duran
Primary Historian Amanda Sterne
Auxiliary Historian Jaime Albach
Auxiliary Historian Carly Prochazka


                                                                      Meet the 2015-2016 Class Reps

Freshman Vacant
Freshman Vacant
Sophomore Linda Stevens 
Sophomore Samuel Rieta
Junior Candice Janecka
Junior Vacant
Senior Jaimie Albach
Senior Fabiola Casas