The central goal of Honors education at Texas A&M University at Galveston is academic enrichment; our Honors Program is based on the belief that promising students benefit from:

  • close contact with accomplished faculty,
  • collaborative learning with other motivated students,
  • small, discussion-based seminars or one-on- one instruction,
  • knowledge production through individual research experiences,
  • and participation with internships, foreign study, and campus or community service.

The Honors Program is an ideal opportunity for motivated, curious students who are filled with big ideas, who long for outlets for creative expression, and who seek out intellectual challenges. Our goal is to make available the resources of a major research institution to undergraduate students whose track record of academic success demonstrates a readiness to take greater personal responsibility for their own education.

The defining characteristics of Honors study at Texas A&M University is engagement of interdisciplinary topics in small classes with professors dedicated to teaching and engaged in research.


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For questions about TAMUG Honors, contact:
David Lawhon, Director of Honors Program at
Barbara Dover, Honors Advisor at



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Meeting schedule for Fall

Date Time
January 23 7:00PM
February 20 7:00PM
March 27 7:00PM
April 17 7:00PM


Meet the 2016-2017 Officers

President Michelle Nguyen
Vice President Jaime Albach
Treasurer Jesus Duran
Secretary Cameron Jackson
Primary Historian Carly Prochazka
Auxiliary Historian Vacant
Auxiliary Historian Vacant


Meet the 2016-2017 Class Reps

Freshmen Rep Kimberly Gardner
Freshmen Rep Hunter Johnson
Freshmen Rep Mikaela Lenamond
Freshmen Rep Anthony Young
Sophomore Rep Robert Cao
Sophomore Rep Karthik Ramaswamy
Junior Rep Sam Gaudet
Junior Rep Ella McIntire
Senior Rep Candice Janecka
Senior Rep Shari Rohret